Faith Community Mobilizes After Horrific Uvalde, Texas Shooting Which Left 21 Dead

Renelibrary, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

On Tuesday, the small town of Uvalde, Texas was shocked with the unthinkably wicked attack on an elementary school which left 19 children and two teachers dead.

An armed gunman, who has been identified as an 18-year-old high school student, stormed into the school shooting dozens before he was ultimately gunned down by a border officer who heroically rushed into the school without backup.

“My heart is broken today. We’re a small community and we’re going to need your prayers to get through this,” Uvalde Superintendent Hal Harrell said of the tragedy, CBN News reported.

The shooting is the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history after the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, which left 28 mostly six- and seven-year-olds dead.

Uvalde is a town of roughly 16,000 that is 85 miles west of San Antonio. The local faith community was quick to step up to offer prayers, support, and mental health services.

“Please stop and pray for those in Uvalde, Texas,” tweeted SBTC Executive Director Nathan Lorick. “We have been in touch with SBTC pastors on the ground. This is tragic and this community needs our prayers.”

“There are no words to express the heartache of today’s loss of precious innocent lives. Our prayer is that the God of all comfort will wrap his healing hands around the broken hearts and shattered lives of these parents and family members,” San Antonio Pastor John Hagee wrote in a tweet.

Chaplains from the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (BG-RRT) have been deployed to Uvalde to minister to the families and members of the community.

“As a father of four young children, my heart is heavy to hear about this tragic mass shooting at an elementary school,” Josh Holland, the international director of the BG-RRT, said, CBN News reported. “We are sending our crisis-trained chaplains to comfort people, listen and cry with them, pray with them and share God’s love with those who have been impacted by this horrific tragedy.”

Chaplains from the group Texas Baptist Men have also been sent to the community to provide services.

“We grieve what happened today,” said Mickey Lenamon, the executive director and CEO of the organization. “This tragedy is impacting every member of the Uvalde community right now. Please pray for the city during this extremely difficult time.”

“Our chaplains will offer a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, an encouraging word, and an offer of prayer,” he also said. “They serve as a reminder to the community that people care about them and God cares about them.”

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