Fake Feminist Hillary Clinton Gives Pathetic Response to Sexual Harassment Scandal


It is absolutely insane that anyone would believe Hillary Clinton is a feminist at this point. Sure, she’s all for women not being in the home and whining about “inequality”, but we all know she’s got a long history of covering up for serious abuses against her gender for decades.

The recent allegations that a member of her campaign sexually harassed a female subordinate have been no different. This “champion of women” has remained entirely silent in response to the revelation that, after it came out that her faith advisor in 2008 (careful not to bust a gut laughing but yes, Hillary Clinton had a faith advisor), Berns Strider, made inappropriate advances on a young woman also working on the campaign, and that, upon hearing of the accusation, Clinton went above one of her campaign manager’s decision to fire Strider and made sure he remained under her employ.

To those who are familiar with who Clinton really is, this should come as no surprise, but it is of course no less infuriating that this two-faced woman-hater was once again caught in the act of covering up for sexual abuse of women.

What’s worse, is that Clinton has now broken her silence, but she did so in a completely sneaky way.

As the Daily Wire explains:

Just minutes before President Donald Trump gave his State of the Union address, Hillary Clinton finally addressed the recent allegations that she covered up sexual harassment in her presidential campaign — no doubt well aware that Trump’s speech would dominate the headlines.

Former president Bill Clinton perfected the “stealth dump” — putting out unpleasant or even damning information late on Fridays, knowing the network news shows couldn’t cover it. By Monday it was all old news. Hillary, too, excelled in the MO, using it often as Secretary of State.

In a Facebook post late Monday evening, Hillary finally released her slimy, politic-speak-laden response to her abhorrent and hypocritical actions regarding Strider’s behavior on her campaign.

Her excuses were just as rage-invoking, explaining that were she to do it again, she wouldn’t have allowed Strider to stay on her campaign. Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever you say, Hillary.

The most important work of my life has been to support and empower women. I’ve tried to do so here at home, around the…

Posted by Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

This is such hogwash! Why is this woman still getting away with this garbage? This just underscores how completely fake the whole #MeToo thing is, because if people were really angry about sexual abuse of women, they wouldn’t be letting her off the hook.

There is no standard for sexual decency among the left, their definition of sexual abuse seems to exist entirely along party lines. Bill Clinton has been getting away with adultery and rape for decades with the help of his despicable, power-hungry wife, and leftists want to pretend they care about women? Pathetic.