Family Of Baby Boy Shot At Brooklyn Cookout’s Message To “Cowards”: “You Took My Son’s Life, You Can Go to Hell”


A precious baby boy was taken from this world on Sunday night by a pair of yet-unapprehended murderers. Now, his family, who will never again hold him, teach him, or watch him grow to be a man, has a message for the “cowards” who took his life.

“You took my son’s life,” Davell Gardner Sr. said to his one-year-old son’s killers in an interview yesterday with Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones. “I can’t get that back. I can’t hold him no more. I can’t hear him calling me ‘daddy’ no more. I can’t kiss him no more. I can’t play with him no more.”

“I’ve got to put my son in the ground now,” Gardner continued. “He’s only one. His birthday is in two months. He didn’t live to see two. He didn’t live life. It’s like, I wanted to get him out of this violence before something like this happened.”

At the cookout, Davell Gardner Jr. was seated on a small chair when two men approached the gathering just before midnight and opened fire from across Raymond Bush Park in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, police said.

Davell was shot in the stomach and died of his wounds at a nearby hospital early Monday morning.

The little boy’s grandmother, Samantha Gardner, had more than a few fiery words for “cowards” who killed her grandson.

“For the cowards that did this, you should be ashamed of yourself because everybody talks about Black Lives Matter,” she said. “What about baby lives? What about teenager lives? You took an innocent child from [his] mother and father as well as the grandparents and I don’t think it’s fair.”

“You can go to h—,” Samantha went on. “Excuse my expression, but you took something that was precious for me, precious for my son, something precious for his mother, and we will never see him. He cannot come back. He cannot wake back up. He was an innocent little baby and he’s gone forever.”

To make matters even worse, Gardner says he is certain that members of the Bed-Stuy community have information about the shooting but have not come forward with it.

“Do you believe based on what you know now and no one’s talking, that people thought that your son’s life mattered, by the way they are conducting themselves right now?” Jones asked him.

“No,” Gardner answered, “and anybody who says that, they are just lying because if you know information, that needs to be said. This is my son. He died. Whatever information you know, you need to tell me. It needs to be known. I need this information. Because these guys just took my son’s life. For what? He didn’t do nothing to nobody.”

When asked if thought elected officials were sufficiently protecting his neighborhood, Gardner said, “The community is just getting worse and worse.”

“Nobody’s doing nothing about it. Nobody. Nobody is trying to make a change, and it’s sad to say that. Like every day is just worse,” he declared. “You don’t know if you’re going to live to see the next day.”

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