Fascist LGBT Activists Aim to Destroy Christian Ministry Offering Freedom From Homosexuality


Typically, if a person has their heart set on something and finally receives it and is not satisfied, one can imagine that they are lacking something much bigger than what they thought they wanted.

This can surely be said of militant LGBT activists, who fought for years for homosexuality to be recognized by society and now that it is prominent in our culture and they have not only equal but special legal protection in the United States, they simply aren’t satisfied at that.

The LGBT left seem to believe their mission will not be complete until they convince every man, woman, and child in this world that homosexuality is not a sin. In their eyes, it is not enough that they have gained the legal rights they demanded. No, every single person in this country must share their views on homosexuality, and those who don’t must be severely punished.

What’s worse–they trample over and invalidate the voices of those seeking freedom from homosexuality by seeking the love of Christ.

This appears to be the case with a group of activists who have targeted a Christian ministry, managed by a man who overcame homosexuality, and are intent on completely destroying the work they are doing as well as all ministries that offer guidance to those seeking freedom from homosexuality.

Christian News Wire has the story:

“The level of hatred and bullying is not like anything we’ve seen,” says Stephen Black, who lived as a gay man for 8 years, over 35 years ago, and now Executive Director of First Stone Ministries is in the crosshairs of gay activists.

On April 6, First Stone Ministries (firststone.org) is hosting a public screening of the documentary film, Tranzformed: Finding Peace with Your God-Given Gender (tranzformed.org/). “This documentary is about 15 people who were unhappy as homosexuals and transgendered and wanted more in their relationship with Jesus Christ,” says Black. Gay activists have already sent death threats to a Michigan pastor and his family and are now setting their sights on Black.

Gay advocate and protestor, Sara Cunningham, vowed to close First Stone Ministries (she appealed for a $25,000 grant from Starbucks for her mission). Her goal is to mobilize and eliminate any mention of the possibility of change, even if people want it and even if it means a transformed life. “To agree to disagree on this issue and this type of ministry is no longer acceptable,” says Cunningham. But Black sees it differently, “In the last ten years, there has been an increasing attack on the gospel-centered message of freedom from homosexuality.” Activists are intent on shutting down any counseling that leads to new life in Christ and freedom from homosexuality.

It is not an exaggeration to say that activists like Sara demand that churches stop reaching out to those who seek freedom from homosexuality. That is literally what she calls for:

She considers herself quite the theologian, and in her eyes, despite the clarity of Scripture affirming homosexuality to be bondage, those who practice “conversion therapy” are using “bad theology”:

The attitude activists like Sara have towards homosexuals seeking freedom from same-sex attraction is insulting, at best. She seems to think she must police those who genuinely feel their sexual attraction is a burden rather than a blessing!

If she demands the right to live her life as she chooses, on what grounds can she demand that Christians struggling with homosexuality or those who have already turned away from that lifestyle cannot live life as they choose, sharing the good Christ has done for them?

The answer is, of course, clear. They are so determined to justify their lifestyle in their own mind they feel they must convince everyone else to justify it too. At the end of the day, however, the justice they seek will never be achieved alone: they can only be justified by and covered in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Freedom from homosexuality comes only through a new life of absolute surrender and a complete dependence on Jesus Christ,” says Black.

Please consider supporting First Stone Ministries either financially or by keeping them in prayer as they stand strong against these vicious and violent attacks! If you’d like to encourage Stephen Black during these trying times, you can reach out to him here. Let’s let him know we stand with him and his ministry!