Father Outraged After 7-Year-Old Brings Home Flyer On Free Condoms, Birth Control


We regularly report on the normalization of pedophilia which is quietly taking place on the outskirts of the LGBT movement.

We also regularly report on the disturbing rise in highly graphic “sex education” programs at our nation’s public schools. It is troubling how often we have to report on children as young as early elementary being subject to highly inappropriate sexual material.

Separately, these trends are seriously concerning. But that they’re happening at the same time is far more alarming. What path is our nation headed down when children and their predators are being encouraged to embrace their sexuality?

A father in Tennesse was outraged to discover that his 7-year-old had received information at school about a three-day health clinic which included access to free condoms and contraception.


The Christian Post reports:

Richard Penkoski, a Christian activist who runs the online ministry Warriors for Christ and regularly protests against Drag Queen Story Hour events at public libraries nationwide, spoke out Thursday during a school board meeting in Sullivan County about a flyer that his 7-year-old son brought home last week from his second grade class at the Mary Hughes School in Piney Flats.

The flyer in question promoted an event at the Appalachian Fairgrounds in Gray hosted by the Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps. The event was slated to be held from Nov. 1 to Nov. 3.

While one side of the flyer offered free dental, medical and vision services, the other side of the flyer advertised in big, bold letters “free birth control and pre-pregnancy services.”

Among other things, the flyer promoted free “implants, [intrauterine devices], pills, condoms and more.”

“What is more, exactly? And why was this given to my 7 year old?” Penkoski asked at the school board meeting in Blountville during the time he was given to make remarks. “Since when is it the school’s job to give information to my child about birth control? When did the public schools decide they can teach my child issues regarding morality and sex?”

He explained that he was upset because he was nearly forced to have to explain sex to his son before he believed him to be ready. Most parents of 7-year-olds would be infuriated to have someone else decide when they must explain such a grown-up thing to a child so young.

“I know liberals on this council, specifically, will say something like, ‘Well, schools teach reproduction.’ You are right,” Penkoski said. “They do teach biological facts in regard to reproduction. This flyer is not talking about reproduction. It teaches birth control. I also can’t help but notice that abstinence is not on this list.”

Penkoski also asserted that he instructs his children to abstain from sexual activity until marriage and that fornication is a sin. This is the right that every Christian parent has to teach their children, but it is also the most useful sex ed lesson you could get.

After all, abstinence until marriage is the safest sex there is!

Understandably, as Penkoski told CP, he believed the distribution of the flyer to be a “direct attack” on the beliefs he teaches his children.

“The public schools think they have the right to usurp my authority as their father,” he declared during the meeting. “This school does not have that right.”

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