Father Usurped by Public School in Fight to Save His Daughter from Becoming Transgender


This is the stuff of nightmares. 

Your child goes to public school, is exposed to radical pro-LGBT propaganda, begins to question their own identity and gender, and, despite your efforts to guide them, the school district takes the reigns in their “transition,” leaving you helpless with no authority in your own child’s life. 

That is exactly what is happening in case after case across America, and it’s what happened to Jay Keck.

 Keck and his family live in the suburbs of Chicago where their daughter attended public school in the Hinsdale District #86. His nightmare started in April of 2016 when his 14-year-old daughter started questioning her gender. The school district wasted no time at all convincing her she was most certainly a boy. Prior to her decision that she was really a boy, Keck’s daughter had been hanging out with another girl who claimed to be a boy. The power of peer influence cannot be underestimated. It’s important to note that Keck’s daughter is on the autism spectrum, though this is not a fact the school district ever cared to consider when pushing her towards abandoning her biological gender as a result of socially constructed confusion.

Despite the school being fully aware of Keck’s daughter’s mental health history, they proceeded to use the male name she had picked out, even when Keck and his wife requested they use her legal name. The school even used this fictitious name when their daughter graduated.

Keck gave an account to the USA Today of their efforts to help their daughter and the blatant opposition of the school:

My daughter told me that the school social worker was advising her about halfway houses because he thought we did not support her. The social worker confirmed this when I scheduled a meeting with him to discuss it. This felt like a horrifying attempt to encourage our daughter to run away from home.

We had our daughter evaluated by a psychologist approved by the school district. He told us that it was very clear that our daughter’s sudden transgender identity was driven by her underlying mental health conditions, but would only share his thoughts off the record because he feared the potential backlash he would receive. In the report he submitted to us and the school, he did not include these concerns that he would only share in person.

In my attempts over the past several years to get help for my daughter, what I have learned has shocked me.

The National Education Association has partnered with the Human Rights Campaign and other groups to produce materials advocating automatic affirmation of identities, name changes and pronouns, regardless of parents’ concerns. In 18 states and the District of Columbia, including in my home state of Illinois, there are “conversion therapy” bans, which prevent therapists from questioning a child’s gender identity. No wonder my daughter’s therapist would only speak to me off the record.

Can you imagine watching your teenage daughter make these kinds of horrible life choices and being powerless stop her and put her back on the right path? e

The ideological dominance of pro-LGBT gender theory is leading to  the destruction of our youth and thanks to public schools, parents are being usurped and left powerless. Professionals who see the truth in these situations are too afraid to speak out for fear that they will come under attack from the left and be completely destroyed—a valid fear, considering once respected professionals are being fired from their long careers for speaking truth.

“Now, thanks in large part to my daughter’s school, my daughter is more convinced than ever that she is a boy and that testosterone may be necessary for her to become her authentic self,” Keck said in his written account. “She turned 18 in late June and life-altering, dangerous testosterone injections are just one ‘informed consent form’ away. She can turn to any one of Illinois’s 17 Planned Parenthood clinics for cheap and easy access. No extensive mental health assessment will be required, and there will be nothing I can do to stop her.”

What an absolute tragedy. How horrifying it must be to watch your own child go down this dark, wicked road, and there is nothing you can do to stop her. Children attending public schools in America need our prayers. Prayers for protection and also wisdom and discernment. The public school system is corrupt. If you can, pull your kids out now.


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