Feminist Proposes Replacing Father’s Day With “Special Person’s Day”

Father’s Day will look awfully different in Australia if one feminist has her way. In fact, it’ll go by the wayside completely and be replaced with something else.


As LadBible shares, Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet – an early childhood educator (shudder) – is one of the driving forces behind “a growing call in Australia to have Father’s Day renamed to Special Person’s Day.”

Here from crazy lady below.

So why would Australians want to do such a thing? As Dr. Scarlett explains it, the move would “ensure kids without a dad don’t feel left out or upset by their situation,” and that “it will help instil a better sense of belonging.”


While there are undoubtedly different family dynamics out there in the world, it’s incredibly irresponsible to suggest that the way to deal with things that may make you upset is to remove them.  

Unfortunately, that seems to be the way things are going these days. What happened to coping with your issues by facing them head on and understanding them?

When handled correctly, that leads to a person that is grounded, confident, and able to handle the different curveballs that life throws their way. Isn’t that what we should all want for our children?

Burying heads in the sand and pretending problems don’t exist is not healthy behavior, and it’s alarming that a physician would actually present this as a solid coping strategy.

Thankfully, plenty of people are putting the idiotic idea in its place.

So what about Mother’s Day? Dr. Scarlett hasn’t indicated that she’ll be targeting that day – yet.

For children that are not fortunate enough to have both of their biological parents in their lives – or either one of them – we’ll stand by our beliefs that the child’s primary caretakers can fill the void.

After all, it takes more than DNA to be a positive parental figure.