FDA May Have Purchased 21-Week Fetal “Specimen” Under Obama-Biden Admin For “Humanized Mice” Project


Reports have surfaced that the Food and Drug Administration under Obama-Biden may have purchased a fetal specimen from a 21-week aborted baby.

The harvesting of aborted fetal tissue and organs by the federal government is coming to light as a result of several Freedom of Information Act requests and other documents, according to Life News and Judicial Watch, who filed the FOIA requests.

Judicial Watch announced earlier this month that it received 575 pages of records from the FDA showing that it spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to buy human fetal tissue from California-based Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR).  The tissue was used in creating “humanized mice” to test “biologic drug products.”

A US Senate Judiciary Committee investigation report includes a procurement log ABR, a regular business partner of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers, listing the available organs from the aborted baby and the “fee” charged for each organ.

Life News reports:

Within just a few short hours on a day in June 2014, a potentially viable unborn baby with Down syndrome was killed in their mother’s womb, dissected for its valuable organs, packaged, labeled with a price and shipped to scientific researchers.

And American taxpayers may have paid for it.

The procurement log states that the baby had Down syndrome (Trisomy 18) and was 21 weeks old when he or she was killed in June 2014. The log lists the baby’s skin, brain, liver, eyes, lower limb, and thymus gland and their “specimen fees” from $325 up to $650 each.

ABR told the Senate committee in its investigation that its procurement technicians work inside the abortion facilities, packaging and shipping the bodies of the aborted babies “on the day they are procured” so that a baby can be dissected, processed, and shipped to researchers as quickly as possible.

ABR also told the committee that it provided these specimens to about 125 researchers, estimating that 40 to 50 of them were recipients of taxpayer funding through the federal government.

Although the report does not indicate whether the FDA did in fact purchase this particular child’s remains, we know that millions of your dollars as a taxpayer went into the pockets of abortionists under the Obama-Biden administration.

According to a 2015 report from The Hill, at least $77 million taxpayer dollars were spent on research projects using aborted fetal tissue and organs.

“We’ve done business with the F.D.A. for many years…” an ABR employee wrote in an email to an FDA contract specialist in 2017.

Now that Joe Biden is using the presidency to repeal Trump-era restrictions on fetal tissue research, our nation is set to continue compelling taxpayers to be financially complicit in the shedding of innocent blood.

Although our government and the companies responsible for and benefiting from their deaths have simply assigned them serial numbers, we know these babies have souls precious to their Creator. Their blood cries out from the ground our once-great nation was built upon.

We must end this holocaust.

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