New York Fire Department Ordered To Implement Truly Perplexing New Racial Hiring Mandate

Not everyone is cut out for the same line of work. Let’s use being a firefighter as an example.


It’s a common dream for youngsters, but the stone cold reality is that it’s not the best fit for all skill sets. As such, there are rigorous screening requirements in place to insure that those tasked with saving the lives of others are the best possible fit or the job.

Of course, some folks can just waltz right in and move to the front of the hiring line due to their race or gender.

Affirmative-action hiring practices have overtaken the FDNY. This is not a new phenomenon.

As City Journal shares, the late federal judge Charles Sifton once “ordered the FDNY to hire 45 women.”   

Federal judge Nicholas Garaufis has now kicked things up a notch.

“He ordered that two of every five new city firefighters be black and one of every five be Hispanic,” City Journal shares, adding that “FDNY insiders say that the department struggles to fill the minority quotas despite degraded hiring standards.”

The forcing of these standards has already had some consequences, and there are fears that it will only get worse.  

“Hence standards for women have grown so lax under Sifton’s dictum that one female recruit failed entrance exams six times and was hired anyway,” according to City Journal.

“Hence nine felons—each a beneficiary of Garafulis’s quotas—graduated in a class of probationary firefighters from the city’s fire academy last November.”

That’s alarming, no pun intended.

As City Journal rightfully points out, “it shouldn’t be presumed that character weaknesses that led to the original crimes and convictions won’t resurface in the billowing black smoke and white-hot flame of a high-rise fire.”

Why is it that agenda-driven judges have such a hard time reaching such obvious conclusions?

City Journal