Federal Agents Make Grisly Discovery, Find Fetuses In Body Broker’s Warehouse


Back when The Center For Medical Progress first released hidden camera footage that proved Planned Parenthood was involved not only in the murder of unborn children, but in profiting off the sale of their body parts, many folks around the country were deeply appalled.

Christians and conservatives around the country were shocked out of complacency and began protesting against these merchants of death, making a big enough noise to draw the attention of politicians in Washington.

Lots of promises to defund Planned Parenthood were made so that tax dollars would no longer be used to fund abortions, however this has yet to be done, though the organization has finally come under federal investigation.

However, federal agents have made yet another gruesome discovery that proves Planned Parenthood is only the tip of the iceberg.

The preserved bodies of several unborn babies were found in the warehouse of a “body broker,” a person who sells human body parts.

Reuters is reporting:

Federal agents discovered four preserved fetuses in the Detroit warehouse of a man who sold human body parts, confidential photographs reviewed by Reuters show.

The fetuses were found during a December 2013 raid of businessman Arthur Rathburn’s warehouse. The fetuses, which appear to have been in their second trimester, were submerged in a liquid that included human brain tissue.

Rathburn, a former body broker, is accused of defrauding customers by sending them diseased body parts. He has pleaded not guilty and his trial is set for January.

How Rathburn acquired the fetuses and what he intended to do with them is unclear. Rathburn’s lawyers did not respond to requests for comment, and neither the indictment nor other documents made public in his case mention the fetuses.

This is truly horrifying in ways that simply defy description using the limited vocabulary choices of the English language.

U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn was shown the photographs of this horror show and she recoiled in disgust, noting that this sort of behavior is an insult to the dignity inherently contained in humanity.

Several of the photos show crime scene investigators in hazmat suits removing a fetus from jars of brown liquid and applying evidence stickers to jars.

To add to the sickening and disturbing find, investigators also discovered severed, rotting human heads in a plastic cooler and other assorted body parts.

Body brokers acquire cadavers, chop them up, then sell the individual body parts for profit.

Blackburn stated that individuals who participate in this practice, which is illegal, should be held accountable for their actions.

This is just one more reason for Christians to stand up against abortion and demand that it be abolished and a punishable crime.

A nation that treats its most vulnerable citizens with such disdain and hatred are an immoral people, and as our Founders so eloquently stated, liberty can only be sustained by a moral citizenry.

Please continue to pray for the abolition of abortion and for body brokers to be brought to justice for their crimes.