Federal Court Decides Banning Christianity Is More Important Than Honoring Fallen WWI Heroes


There are some people who are so committed to sanitizing our country of any influence of Christianity they don’t even care if they dishonor the dead in doing so.

Last month, a public school in Virgina decided to remove the Bible verse from a memorial bench for a slain teenager who had attended the school because it was supposedly a violation of the First Amendment.

Now, the Fourth Circuit Court of appeals has ruled that a 99-year-old WWI memorial in Maryland is also unconstitutional, using the same argument. Why? Because the memorial, which has stood since 1918 to honor the fallen heroes of the First World War, is shaped like a cross, it represents a government endorsement of religion.

The three-judge panel decided 2-1 that the 40-foot stone cross “excessively entangles” the government with religion because local officials use government funding for the memorial’s upkeep.

“The cross is by far the most prominent monument in the area, conspicuously displayed at a busy intersection,” wrote Judge Stephanie Thacker, according to the Daily Wire, in the opinion issued Wednesday.

The judge who dissented, Chief Judge, Roger L. Gregory, said that the monument easily passed the Supreme Court tests for “establishment of religion,” and that it is not the responsibility of the Federal government to “purge from the public sphere any reference to religion,” which the Daily Wire says is a direct quote from seminal Supreme Court cases on this subject.

So who was so offended by the thought of this universal symbol of Christianity gracing a memorial to fallen soldiers of one of the most tragic wars in human history?

The good old American Humanist Association, of course, who has made it their mission to needlessly and arbitrarily fight any and all Christian symbolism in public spaces. They scraped together a handful of locals who found the cross sufficiently offensive. After they took the case to court, it was thrown out, but they appealed.

The Daily Wire says that the historical significance of the Cross might work in the favor of the American Legion, who is planning to appeal. As the Daily Wire explains:

“[The Supreme Court] ruled just a few short years ago that Ten Commandments monuments, which stood on Federal land for more than half a century, could remain up despite being symbols of religion. This was because their historical value outweighed their religious symbolism. That historic value is a key component of the Supreme Court’s test for whether a monument violates the Establishment Clauses, and constitutes an unconstitutional endorsement of religion.”

At the end of the day, it is ridiculous to try to claim that a 99-year-old cross that was constructed in honor of WWI veterans is a government endorsement of religion. No one is required to worship at its feet. Christianity has for most of our nation’s history been a predominant aspect of our public and private life.

What do these humanists expect, religion laser beams to protrude from the center of the monument and convert unwilling passersby?