Federal Gov’t Spending $1.1 Mil on Apps for Transwomen and “Hooking Up Simulation” for Gay Teens


It’s not exactly hard to find good examples of how our federal government overspends, but to call this little project “overspending” is a gross overstatement.

Remember, when Democrats push for higher taxes, this is the kind of stuff they’re surely planning on spending the money on.

How can they look us in the eye and honestly tell us there are families in America struggling to make ends meet or pay medical bills when they’re totally OK with forking over millions to fund apps to help gender-confused men and gay teenagers enjoy sex more?

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The National Institutes of Health is spending over $1.1 million creating a mobile app to connect transwomen and a “sex-positive” app that creates “hooking up simulations” for black gay teenagers.

dfusion, inc., a “science-based” technology company based in California, received the funding for two apps, including, “T3,” which stands for “Tune In! Turn Up! Turn On!”

T3 is a “sex-positive” app targeting black men ages 14 to 17 who have sex with men. The project has received $949,583, including over $700,000 this spring.

Once developed, the app will include “hooking up simulations” and tips for young gay teenagers on “self-pleasuring,” “condom and lube use,” and how to create “enjoyable sexual encounters.”

The app will also include features common on dating apps, such as a chat tool and a GPS locater. The researchers said they want to meet young black men who have sex with men, or YBMSM, “where they are.”

“We’re emphasizing sex positive messages that promote healthy relationships and sexual health in this underserved population,” said Karin Coyle, Scotts Valley, and Tamara Kuhn, who run the project for dfusion in Oakland. “The app uses videos, games, and interactive activities like ‘hooking up’ simulations to emphasize ways to enhance sexual experience while reducing HIV risk.”

“For example, we’ll include content on connecting to the LGBTQ community, creating able sexual encounters, building healthy relationships, self-pleasuring, and sexual communication while also talking about HIV/STI testing and risk reduction, emphasizing strategies like condom and lube use, partner reduction, and avoidance of concurrent partners,” the researchers said.

Let this sink in: the Federal government is spending money to help gay teenagers have more sex. 

That is insane. 

All morality aside, to use tax dollars for the sex lives of teenagers in any way is a gross misuse of public funding, let alone an app to help teenagers simulate sex, not to mention pursue the real thing.

Researchers behind the app’s development claim they are trying to create “an alternative for gay black teenagers, who they say, “often rely on older partners, the internet, and porn for education.'”

Certainly, these are harmful behaviors for young people of any sexual orientation, research has shown that “comprehensive” sex ed programs in school that are designed to “reduce harmful behavior”, like this app would, simply aren’t working.

As reported last year, a 2017 study released by the Institute for Research and Evaluation, “Re-Examining the Evidence: School-Based Comprehensive Sex Education in the United States,” found that none of the so-called Comprehensive Sex Education programs in public schools were effectively reducing the transmission of STDs.

So while our public schools push graphic, inappropriate, and ideologically-driven sex ed programs on our kids that don’t even work, the government finds it to be a perfectly good use of our tax dollars to just go ahead and drop a stack of cash on an app that will no doubt be just as effective.

Get out there and vote in November, folks. In case you needed another reason–this is the kind of junk that needs to be drained out of the massive swamp of government spending.