Female Student Expelled After Kneeing Male Student in Groin for Entering Girls’ Restroom

Pink girls bathroom in a public high school

A female student at North Pole High School in Alaska has reportedly been expelled after kneeing a male student in the groin after he entered the girls’ bathroom.

The female student was in the girls’ restroom at North Pole High School when a group of seven boys came barging in. The reason for their entrance into the girl’s restroom was to protest another a biological girl who identifies as male being in their bathroom. The boys were upset about a selfie the transgender boy took from their bathroom.

So…the biological boys were upset about a biological female who is transitioning to male being in their biologically appropriate bathroom so to make their angst known they entered the biological girl’s restroom where the biological girl/transgender boy was and they met a biological girl who just wanted to be left alone, as a result the biological girl got caught up in the drama and gave a knee to one of the biological boys’ groin.

Anybody else confused?

The year is 2019 and everything has gone completely crazy.

The biological girl wanted to leave the bathroom but was blocked in by the seven boys.  Reportedly she felt threatened and this led to her kneeing one of the boys in the groin.  Sounds like a cut and dry case of self-defense, if you ask me and it wasn’t too long ago that most people would agree that any woman has a right to defend herself when surrounded by a group of males in a bathroom.

Not so.

School district superintendent Karen Gaborik spoke on behalf of the district, saying, “We don’t advocate violence as a means for students to attain safety.  If a student does use force, we have to evaluate that incident.”

Which apparently results in expulsion, because this is, somehow, a transgender issue now.

This statement seems wildly opposed to the widespread #MeToo and #BelieveWomen movements but where there is gender confusion, there is complete confusion.

The female student did, however, find support from Alaska State Rep. Tammie Wilson.  Wilson is a Republican from North Pole and she insisted the discipline of the girl sends the wrong message, “If you ever feel threatened for your safety, whatever force you think you have to give, I will stand behind you.  And so will your community.  Not for those boys who were where they didn’t belong.”  She told the Washington Post, according to News 5 WCYB. 

“Was she supposed to not protect herself?” Wilson asked in an interview with the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.  “She was where she belonged.  They were not.”

The truth of the matter is that this girl defended herself in a situation that involved a transgender student, even though the transgender student wasn’t even present.

Every single woman and girl, man and boy, and even child has the right to use physical force to defend themselves. Period. Those rights don’t go away because the whole situation arose from the inevitable messiness of letting gender confused children into the bathroom with members of the opposite sex.

The boys involved in this incident were reportedly only suspended.


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