Feminist Artist Strips Naked In Front Of School Children For Estonian “Art” Exhibit


Warning: This article contains photos that are inappropriate for children. 

The rampant exposure of children to sexual themes and activity never ceases to amaze us, disgust us, and make us want to reach for a barf bag.

This latest incident is no exception.

An “art” exhibit in Estonia has prompted a massive backlash after photos surfaced on social media of London-based artist Mare Tralla undressing in full view of young children, presumably as an act of protest against the art exhibit she deemed sexist.

It is not entirely clear as to what is actually happening in photos and videos of the exhibit, but the “artist” was clear that she was exposing herself to protest misogyny, because of course she was

In a Facebook post (warning: contains full-frontal nudity), Tralla vaguely indicates that she is protesting the work of “well known Estonian male artist Marko Maetamm,” but it is unclear if his paintings are a part of her exhibit, or if she is simply protesting his exhibit. 

“‘There is nothing, which can be used to excuse sexism’. My action from the opening of ‘Woman&woman’ exhibition in Pärnu. I took a stand to cover up male artist works, which I found extremely sexist,” Tralla wrote in her Facebook post, offering little further explanation. “The slogans in my cover up read: ‘But he didn’t think it this way!’ Is not an excuse for sexism!’, ‘But he is a good man!’ is not an excuse for sexism!’, ‘But he speaks in soft voice!’ Is not an excuse for sexism!’”

A video of the incident and coverage from a Russian-language news blog (warning: both these display nudity as well ) also detail the incident. 

What rational adult would think it appropriate to expose herself to a group of schoolchildren? This is the face of modern progressivism, ladies and gentleman. No matter what the issue, whether its gay rights, gender theory, or feminism, it all seems to boil down to polluting the minds of young children. 

This sickening event brings to mind the case of the Brazilian artist whose exhibit involved inviting a four-year-old girl to approach and touch his naked body.

At the time, Activist Mommy reported:

This is nothing short of vile. It is indecent exposure and pandering obscenities to minors. Many Brazilians feel the same way. According to the Daily Mail, several groups are calling for the artist and the museum to be prosecuted, saying that the exhibition “incites pedophilia”, and is nothing short of “eroticism,” “pornography,” “disgusting,” “unacceptable” and puts the “child at risk”.

They are not wrong!

We must continue to press for details about this clear case of indecent exposure to children at the Estonian art exhibit. Mare Tralla, as well as the adults who deemed it acceptable to bring children to this pornographic exhibit, must be held responsible!


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