Feminist Author Calls for More Op-Eds From Mothers Who Regret Having Children


Feminist writer Jill Filipovic took to Twitter on Mother’s Day to call on mothers to be more open about how they’ve regretted having children — something which presumes that more mothers than she is aware of actually regret having children.

Filipovic is an author and columnist who once criticized homemakers for their lack of ambition and tweeted out to her 156K followers that she’d love more thought pieces that expressed regret over motherhood.

“I would really love to read more essays and op/eds from women (and men, too) who regret having children as early as they did, regret having as many as they did, or regret having children at all. There’s not much about motherhood that remains publicly unexplored, but that does,” she wrote.

“Well the total meltdown in response to ‘it would be good to talk more about a real but extremely taboo part of adult life’ pretty well illustrates why virtually no one talks about it. But it is wild to see such insane reactions to ‘hey maybe we should talk about this,’” she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

“‘Women should stay silent about their complicated experience’ is certainly a view,” she added, which was not one that anyone should “expect a feminist writer to have.”

Of course, “meltdown” over the suggestion that we should normalize women publicly saying they wished they’d never had their own children may just be common decency.

As for the issue as to how children might react upon hearing that their own mothers regretted bringing them into the world, one fellow feminist’s confounding logic was that, if you regret having kids, your kids already know it.

“For everyone responding to this by saying but it’s harmful to the kids to find out later in life that their mother regretted having children, do you actually think they won’t already know? Kids are traumatized by compulsory motherhood, and that’s precisely why we must discuss it,” wrote “sexologist” Stefanie Irene Weiss, as though these statements were irrefutable fact.

While other Twitter users glowingly shared that they encouraged their own children not to have kids as it was a “prison sentence” in “this country,” some were far more critical.

“There’s no virtue in regretting a human life coming into existence. This form of feminism seems more about self hatred than about being a mother. it’s interesting how the more conversations feminists have, the more miserable they become,” Tarah Price of The Blaze astutely noted.

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