Feminist Journalist Suing Twitter for Banning Her After Posting That “Women Aren’t Men”


We here at Activist Mommy don’t have a lot in common with feminists.

We’re socially conservative. We believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and that sex should be restricted to the confines of holy, God-ordained matrimony. We are adamantly pro-life and pro-family.

We believe that men and women were created equal before God, but that husbands are the head of the family and women are called (among other things, certainly) to be keepers of the home (Titus 2).

Many of these ideas are the polar opposite of the values a feminist has.

But when it comes to the dangerous transgender ideology that is pushing women’s rights, feminists and traditionalists alike, aside for the sake of poorly treated gender-confused individuals or even, in some cases, downright creeps, well, we stand by the feminists wholeheartedly as they speak out.

Here’s the thing: feminists who dare stand up to and speak out against gender ideology find themselves as ignored and lampooned by the progressive mainstream as us traditional Christian women.

Life Site News reports:

Feminist writer Meghan Murphy has filed a lawsuit against Twitter because she was banned by the social media giant after she criticized so-called transgender people.

A Canadian, Murphy frequently writes on gender politics and is the founder of Feminist Current, an influential feminist website. In 2017, she spoke before the Senate of Canada and described her reasons for opposing transgender ideology. On Facebook and YouTube, she explained the reasons for the lawsuit.

Murphy wrote that Twitter “allows porn, as well as accounts that enable sex trafficking, on their platform, but ban women who speak the truth about material reality and challenge the idea that individuals can change sex through self-declaration.” She alleged that Twitter refers to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to “shut down and silence women who share opinions and arguments they don’t like,” even while the platform allows “illegal activities, violent threats, and pornography.” Murphy also claimed that Twitter refuses to hold “predatory men to account.”

According to Murphy, Twitter banned her in November, “presumably for violating Twitter’s new rules on ‘misgendering,’ though no one from the company has ever explained the reason for my ban, as certainly I have never engaged in ‘hateful conduct’ on the platform, which were never made known to users.”

The first news report on Twitter’s new rules was published just 20 minutes after she was banned, she said, and “Twitter is not going to get away with this hypocritical, dishonest, entirely sketchy and unlawful behavior. We cannot allow multi-billion dollar companies to dictate free speech!”

Murphy wrote that Twitter permanently suspended her account in November after she tweeted, “‘Yeah, it’s him’” about a male who identifies as transgender but who continues to use his male name on social media, including Twitter, as well as in a Google review “I shared as part of my tweet. My account had previously been locked for posting such seemingly innocuous statements and questions as, ‘Men aren’t women,’ and, ‘How are transwomen not men? What is the difference between a man and a transwoman?’”

Murphy’s lawyers have filed the lawsuit in a San Francisco court, charging “false advertising” and “deceptive” practices. The suit demands an injunction that would order Twitter to cease and desist from “enforcing its unannounced and viewpoint discriminatory ‘misgendering’” rule. Murphy wants Twitter to lift any suspension or ban due to their “misgendering” policy, and to cease and desist “promulgating or enforcing any other rules or policies that discriminate based on viewpoint.”

Murphy’s case exposes two-fold hypocrisy from the progressive mainstream: one, that women’s rights are seconded by transgender rights, thus contradicting the vast majority of deeply-held left-wing progressive views, and also, that free speech only applies in cyberspace to those with whom Big Tech censors agree.

This is not liberalism. This is not liberty. This is not ideologically consistent. And this is not honest.

There is a strong army of elite thought police that has a stronghold on free speech in the age of technology, and one of the central issues they brandish as a weapon against thought criminals is that of gender ideology.

The really scary thing is that transgender ideology denies a fundamental, undeniable, material truth of our world:

That men aren’t women.



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