Feminists Face Jailtime In Spain For Mocking Catholic Imagery With Giant Vagina Statue

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Members of a  group of radical Spanish feminists are facing massive fines and time behind bars after displaying an unapologetically graphic and indecent giant statue of a vagina made to be reminiscent of the Virgin Mary as part of a demonstration at a parade in Seville back in 2014.

According to The Local, the protest was designed to highlight issues of discrimination against women in the workplace as part of the National  Workers’ Day march in Seville by the Spanish union the General Workers’ Confederation (CGT).

The demonstrators, who paraded the disgusting statue through the streets of the Andalusian capital during the city’s world-famous Holy Week Easter parades, have been accused of anti-Catholic hate crimes, according to The Metro:

Around 12 activists were seen dressed as ‘penitents’ with their heads covered with black veils as they marched with candles. But the feminist group, called the ‘Sisterhood of the blessed rebellious vagina’, said they were marching to raise awareness of female discrimination in the workplace. Lawyers claim the women committed ‘religious hate crimes’ and argued they were attacking Catholic religious symbols.

The initial case had been dropped back in 2016 when Judge Pilar Ordóñez Martínez ruled that “not believing in the dogmas of a religion and publicly showing as such falls under freedom of expression.” 

The case against the so-called “sisterhood” was reopened in April of 2017, however, when the Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers (AEAC) brought their case against the group before the Criminal Court of Seville, arguing that the demonstration was a blatant show of “ideological hatred.”

If found guilty, the demonstrators could be jailed for up to a year and fined 3,600 euros (just under $4,000 USD) each. 

In an age when virtually any bit of politically or religiously conservative thought can be considered hate speech (and punished as such to the fullest extent of the law,) it’s heartening to finally see at least a bit of balance in the application of the law.

If nothing else, the demonstration was hideous, obscene, and incredibly inappropriate—but what else do we expect from radical feminists?

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