Fifth Grade Teacher Arrested After Confessing to Keeping “Kill List” of Students and Co-Workers


A 5th grade teacher at a Catholic school in Indiana has been placed under arrest after confessing to a student that she kept a “kill list” of students and other teachers at the school.

The teacher, Angelica Carrasquillo-Torres, allegedly told officials she was struggling with her “mental health” and court documents show she admitted to wanting to kill others as well as herself.

Last week, police were called to St. Stanislaus Catholic School after a student told their counselor about the comments that Carrasquillo-Torres had made about her list, ABC 7 reported.

Police say that the 25-year-old teacher reassured the student that she was at the bottom of her list.

Carrasquillo-Torres reportedly told school officials, “I’m having trouble with my mental health, and sometimes the kids do not listen in the classroom. I also have trauma caused when I went to high school,” according to the Associated Press.

The AP reported conversely that a counselor overheard a male student discussing the list and that Carrasquillo-Torres initially said she was just “joking,” but ABC’s report indicates it was a female student, and it is clear the teacher ultimately confessed to the existence of the list and to having suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

“I’m really, like, scared and worried,” Portia Jones, the student who reported the conversation to her counselor. “She said she wanted to choke us and she wanted to kill herself.”

After Jones revealed the disturbing conversation she’d had with Carrasquillo-Torres, the teacher was confronted, where she made her confession, and sent home pending an investigation.

“During the conversation the teacher named a specific student on her list, but did not provide the list,” police said. “The principal then advised the teacher to leave and not return to school pending an investigation.”

However, police were not alerted until several hours later.

Ms. Jones’ father, Quiannis Jones, told ABC that “They really need to work on this one because this is something serious.”

“She’s really, probably, not ever going back there,” he said, presumably of his daughter.

“They should have never let her walk out them doors. They should’ve called the police right then and there. That’s a threat on the school,” he said.

Carrasquillo-Torres was taken into police custody at her home the following morning without incident and is awaiting a court date.

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