Five States Draft Legislation Proposals To Protect Biological Female Athletes


Since the widespread acceptance  of “gender theory” has exploded in American society, real, biological  women have second-class citizens in favor of trans “women.” Sports is one of the primary arenas in which this is taking place,  but it seems that 2020 is going to usher in new hope for real women who simply want to compete on an even playing field.

Republican lawmakers in five states are currently in the process of drafting legislation that would prevent biological men from competing against biological women despite claiming to be transgender. The forthcoming law proposals would require high schools to determine whether a student competes with men or women based on biological sex rather than gender identity.

The lawmakers say the driving force behind their drafting the new legislation is to protect women (again, real women) from facing unfair competition from men who claim to identify as women.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The bills—introduced or prefiled in New Hampshire, Washington, Georgia, Tennessee and Missouri—reflect growing attention around the issue of whether transgender-rights protections are leading to unfair competition in women’s sports.

Policies regulating the eligibility of transgender high-school athletes are usually set by school associations and vary. In about a third of states, transgender students can freely compete on teams of the gender they identify with, according to, which tracks athletics policies nationwide.

Like the National Collegiate Athletic Association, some high-school associations allow transgender females to participate on girls’ teams if they meet certain conditions, such as completing a period of testosterone-suppression treatment or gender-reassignment surgery. 

According to Breitbart, the lawmakers point to physical advantages that males competing as transgender women have over biological females, including differences in muscle mass, bone strength, lung capacity, and heart size – all advantages that cannot be diminished by hormone therapy or surgery. 

Naturally, the proposed bills have been met with criticism from LGBT proponents. The Wall Street Journal continues:

Critics say the legislation is unnecessary and could raise constitutional concerns about due process and discrimination. Lawmakers interviewed said they couldn’t point to eligibility disputes in their own states, but cited examples elsewhere such as in Connecticut, where two transgender female high-schoolers recently dominated the state’s girls [sic] indoor track championships.

“I’m just trying to maintain fairness,” said Rep. Bruce Griffey (R-TN), sponsor of a trans-athlete bill in Tennessee, which we recently covered. “I don’t want girls to be at a disadvantage.”

Females should not be outcompeted by men in athletic space created specifically for women. Period. 

Hopefully, these proposed pieces of legislation are approved and move on to become law. The domination of female athletes by transgender females needs to be stopped before ladies’ sports become altogether irrelevant.

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