FLASHBACK: Transgender Ax Attacker Blamed His “Transition” Drugs for Horrific Attack


Whether he was using a convenient excuse to evade punishment or telling the truth that the questionable cocktail of hormones during “transitioning” contributed to his warped mental state, the case of “Evie” Amati should frighten anyone in their right mind.

Back in 2017, Karl Amati, an Australian man who began calling himself “Evie” after declaring himself to be a woman, attacked strangers with a logging ax in a 7-Eleven store in Enmore, New South Wales.

In chilling security footage of the attack, Amati can be seen walking into the store with the ax, engaging her first victim, Ben Rimmer, in a short conversation near the cash register, then slamming the ax right into his face.

After attacking Rimmer, who miraculously survived the horrific attack, Amati also swung the ax at a woman standing in the doorway of the store. The second victim also survived, but with critical injuries including a cracked skull, Breitbart reported at the time. The video then shows Amati calmly walking out of the store, ax in hand.

During his lengthy and controversial trial, Amati pleaded not guilty “on mental health grounds and said [he] was not sound of mind due to a toxic mix of hormone medication, cannabis, amphetamines and alcohol,” according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

His defense also stated that just hours before his rampage, Amati had gone on a failed date in which the woman, whom he met on Tinder, did not react positively upon learning that Amati was actually a man.

After the date, Amati said he became “incredibly anxious” and went into a “depressive episode,” allowing him to conveniently claim that he has no memory of the attack.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, however, Amati’s social media activity reveals that this was a premeditated attack, not a sudden manic episode.

Crown prosecutor Daniel McMahon offered evidence that just hours before the attack, Amati said on Facebook, “Most people deserve to die … I hate people,” and “One day I’m going to kill a lot of people”. Less than 30 minutes before the axe attack, he updated his Facebook status, saying, “Humans are only able to destroy, to hate, so that is what I shall do.”

Amati’s attorney, Charles Waterstreet, however, offered the following defense: “It’s not whether the body of Evie Amati was guilty of the charges, but whether the mind, brain, soul of Evie Amati bore any legal or moral responsibility for the body’s actions.” 

What on earth? How are any laws to be upheld if we can simply call into question whether someone’s “mind” or “brain” committed a crime along with a person’s body? This is insane!

Ultimately, Judge Mark Williams ruled in January of this year that “the chaos and disorder in [Amati’s] mind” was a mitigating factor in his decision to sentence Amati to just nine years in prison, halfway through which he will be eligible for parole.

“There is merit in that position, but not sufficient merit to detract from the conclusion that this is a case in which a significant period of full-time imprisonment is required,” Judge Williams said, noting that he was moved by Amati’s defense but still compelled by reason to impose some prison time on him.

Rimmer, whose gruesome injuries left him with four permanent titanium plates holding his skull together, shared his immense disgust with Judge Williams’ ruling with the New Zealand Herald.

“She went there to kill. It’s only pure luck that I’m alive and she’s not remorseful. She’s intelligent … calculating,” he said (incredible that, in spite of being brutally attacked by this person, he feels the social pressure of using the culprit’s preferred pronoun). “She’ll do her time easily and get paroled in mid-2021. It’s played out perfectly for her, perhaps better than she expected.”

Five months ago, Rimmer launched a petition on Change.org, urging officials to give a longer sentence of at least ten years. Rimmer also highlighted that, as a long-time union organizer and protester, Amati had spent plenty of time behind bars “organizing prisoners to protest government treatment and becoming a minor jailhouse celebrity in the effort.” In other words, jail is not much of a punishment for this sick individual.

Let’s face it—if Amati hadn’t been dressed as a woman, he wouldn’t have been given an ounce of clemency from the judge. Instead, thanks to the acceptance of transgenderism in society and governing bodies, Amati was able to capitalize on his victim status as a poor, marginalized transgender person and get a mere slap on the wrist.

If Rimmer is right, Amati will be back on the streets again in no time. What a mockery of justice. May God have mercy on us.


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