Flip Benham Shares The Truth About “Jane Roe”: “We Never Paid Miss Norma A Penny”


Flip Benham, former director of Operation Save America, is speaking out on a new documentary that claims Norma McCorvey was paid to become a pro-life public figure.

“AKA Jane Roe,” a documentary that premiered on FX over the weekend, has made huge waves in the abortion debate with its representation of McCorvey, the infamous “Jane Roe” of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case.

In “AKA Jane Roe,” director Nick Sweeney released interviews with McCorvey in which the abortion-icon-turned-pro-life-activist declared that she “took [pro-life organizations’] money and they’d put me out in front of the cameras and tell me what to say. That’s what I’d say.”

“It was all an act,” McCorvey said in the documentary. “I did it well too. I am a good actress.”

“If a young woman wants to have an abortion, that’s no skin off my ass,” McCorvey also said in the film, according to a Los Angeles Times article that declared she never “changed her mind” on abortion. “That’s why they call it choice.”

Sweeney, known for his past TV series “Born in the Wrong Body” and “Transgender Kids Camp,” interviewed McCorvey for the film in 2016. “AKA Jane Roe” also features interviews and commentary from pro-abortion activist and lawyer Gloria Allred, as well as Rob Schenck, a minister and former pro-life advocate who recently became pro choice.

Benham, who baptized McCorvey in 1995 and had a close friendship with her, was also interviewed for the film.

“Anyone can gather facts, grab statements and twist them to tell a lie,” Benham said in a statement released by Operation Save America. “This is what happened to my dying friend, Miss Norma McCorvey.”

“Without knowing Christ, it would be impossible for Mr. Sweeney to understand the real Norma McCorvey and the transformation Jesus did in her life,” Benham declared. “Sweeney knew her for a few months – I knew her for more than three decades.”

As for the claim that McCorvey’s pro-life activism was all an act for which she was paid, Benham was unequivocal: “We never paid Miss Norma a penny.”

“We certainly helped Miss Norma and Miss Connie Gonzales (her lesbian partner at the time) to get back on their feet after Jasbur Ahluwalia, the owner and abortionist at “A Choice for Women,” fired them,” Benham clarified. “They had no source of income. Many in our group would donate to help them get along.”

“But we did this for all the abortion mill employees who quit their jobs and trusted Jesus,” he went on. “We would help them find work, find church homes, take care of their kids, whatever we could do for them we did. We also did this for abortion minded mothers who desperately needed help. We took care of them. This is what Christians do—we still do this today.”

Benham went on to state that the documentary “in no way reflects the real history and miracle of faith that transformed both Miss Norma and Miss Connie.” Instead, he says, it is Sweeney’s “attempt to rewrite history and shoehorn statements from a dying, hurting woman into his truncated and perverted view of life.”

“I saw that he got Miss Norma on tape saying some pretty outrageous things,” Benham said of McCorvey’s statements in the film that she was pro-choice after all. “Again, I have not seen the full video, but that was just Norma being Norma. Those who knew her best, know this. She was, indeed, utterly unfiltered and a whole lot of fun. Yet, she could also be very fickle and hard-headed (just like me!) And she said many things that were simply not true at times, only to come back and set the record straight. This was simply part of her maturing walk with Jesus.”

“Yet in her dying days, this FX documentary has sought to redefine the life-changing legacy of Jesus Christ for over three decades in Norma McCorvey’s life,” Benham said, “all with a few, flippant statements. Sad.”

Benham also noted the apparently convenient timing of the documentary, released years after her death at a time where Roe v. Wade is under attack.

“This is simply how the media works these days – manipulate as many facts and soundbites as possible to tell a lie,” he said. “Even worse, to manipulate the emotions of a sickly, dying woman to push your narrative.”

Benham also noted that his sons, David and Jason Benham, “spoke with Miss Norma before her death.”

“They were just as shocked as me to see this new story,” he said. “David simply said, ‘Dad, isn’t it convenient to release this when she’s dead, because I know Norma well enough that she’d come right back and demand these people set the record straight.'”

The Benham brothers released a video in response to the controversy last week, calling it simply Jane Roe’s “True Story.”

Here's the truth about Norma McCorvey's conversion to Christ. FX's new documentary (AKA Jane Roe) says she was "paid to…

Posted by Benham Brothers on Wednesday, May 20, 2020


“They caught her at a time when she was obviously not well, at her weakest moment,” said Benham in a phone interview with The Stream’s Josh Shepherd. “I’m not going to disagree that the words come right out Norma’s mouth. She was very playful. She’d say things to entertain the guys on the cameras.”

“She was a saved person, and she was still deeply flawed.”

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