Florida Bar Could Lost Its Liquor License After Hosting Drag Show for Kids With Half-Naked Dancers


A Florida state agency could soon lose its license after hosting a drag show for children that featured nearly nude dancers.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation have taken issue with the fact that Miami’s R House Wynwood has held a drag show on Saturday and Sunday and that “young children attend the brunch,” as reported by The Epoch Times, which obtained a copy of the complaint.

The venue featured an almost nude transgender dancer in the presence of children earlier this month, which was depicted in videos circulated online.

In one particularly shocking clip, a child who appears to be just preschool-aged is led around by a dancer whose breasts are almost entirely exposed and is sporting a thong.

Warning: Explicit content

The complaint included several screenshots of videos of the drag performances, in which one can see sexualized dancing in the presence of children as young as 3, and investigators who visited the venue witnessed a male dancer, dressed as a female, dancing around a pole and gyrating suggestively.

It noted that the bar appears to openly court child attendants to its weekend brunch drag shows, advertising its kids’ brunch menu and inviting youngsters to view “our fabulous show.”

“In other words, Respondent is not merely aware that young children attend the Brunch, but specifically markets the Brunch performances to young children or to families with young children,” the agency stated.

According to Florida law, the agency can suspend a business’ liquor license if the license holder is found to be “maintaining a nuisance on the licensed premises,” or “becomes manifestly injurious to the morals or manners of the people.”

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