Florida Citizens Seek Criminal Investigation Into Pornography In Public Schools


The progressive, LGBT crowd has been making great strides in overtaking all aspects of society but it seems that their reign of immoral indoctrination may be nearing an end. State-level lawmakers all across the country are beginning to introduce a variety of legislation aimed at fighting back against this LGBT takeover and, most importantly, protecting innocent children. 

Not only are lawmakers getting to work on bill proposals but citizens are getting involved in the fight too. In Florida, dozens of concerned volunteers worked together to review loads of “educational materials” being used in the public school system that are nothing other than flat-out pornography.  Under Florida law, it’s a felony to give children access to such materials, yet it’s happening right out in the open, in public schools, under the guise of LGBT education.

After reviewing the materials, the non-profit Florida Citizens Alliance (FCA) is asking state prosecutors to open a criminal investigation into the use of obscene pornography in public schools.

Freedom Project Media reports:

Just this week, leaders of the Alliance delivered a letter and report to state policymakers highlighting the grotesque school books being used in government education. In addition to Attorney General Ashley Moody and state prosecutor Nicholas Cox, the organization also handed copies to Governor Ron DeSantis, House and Senate leaders, Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, and others.

“Florida Law clearly states that distribution of material containing sexually explicit content is prohibited on Florida public school property,” explained the letter, citing three statues (FS 847.012, FS 847.001, FS 1006.3) that make each violation a 3rd degree felony. “Today, these Florida laws are flaunted, or ‘Just ignored’.”

As part of the effort, some 35 volunteers across the state reviewed novels and books used in Florida schools. Among other concerns, they found at least 40 that contained pornography and “inappropriate LGBTQ indoctrination” — material that clearly violates the statutes criminalizing pornography and obscene material in schools.

Despite illegal efforts by many schools and districts to prevent parents and volunteers from accessing the explicit content, the volunteers managed to find staggering amounts of filth. Indeed, as documented in a major report handed to officials in Tallahassee this week with the letter, there can be “zero doubt” that these crimes are being committed in every single school district in Florida.

The report points out that many of the school districts in Florida outright deny residents access to their library materials which is in violation of law HB 898. 

The fact that schools are hiding their library materials from the general public is concerning enough but the report gets much, much worse. It details the most egregious and offensive passages and illustrations from the over 40 books reviewed. These included graphic scenes of homosexuality, transgender sexual activity, rape, sodomy, and images of adult and child genitalia, among many other problematic texts, pictures, and themes.

“If anyone of us walked on a public-school campus to hand out these materials or tried to read these on public television, we would be charged and jailed immediately,” asserted FCA managing director Keith Flaugh.

“A thorough investigation and Attorney General Opinion is long overdue,” Flaugh stated along with fellow FCA managing director Rick Stevens in the letter to the state prosecutors on behalf of the organization’s more than 60,000 active members across Florida. “Our children deserve their innocence and public schools should be directed to remove any such materials immediately.”

Flaugh is also hoping this will be a wake-up call to parents to pay closer attention to what their children are being exposed to while attending public schools. Clearly, there are many, many parents in Florida who are completely oblivious to the fact that their children are being illegally exposed to pornographic materials.

“We represent good-hearted people all across Florida who simply want to protect Florida children from blatant and harmful sexual desensitization,” Flaugh explained in an emailed statement prior to giving the letters to Florida’s top officials. “Our children deserve their innocence, free from government schools’ indoctrination.”

If Florida public schools are allowed to continue exposing children to these pornographic books, it completely undermines the rule of law. This is an illegal activity according to Florida state laws, which have been enacted by elected officials to execute the will of the people. Should these materials be allowed to stay in public schools, the will of Floridians will be a thing of the past as the LGBT crowd will have usurped power and the ability to operate outside of the law.

This is a crucial fight for the citizens of Florida. 

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