Florida Declares Pornography A Public Health Risk–And Rightly So


As the Second Amendment debate again flares in the wake of yet another mass shooting, mental health is taking center stage in our national conversation.

And yet, while the mainstream media criticized the state of Florida for doing so, there could not be a more appropriate time for the state to officially recognize the damaging effects of pornography.

Life Site News reports:

The resolution, approved by legislators, “recognizes the public health risk created by pornography and acknowledges the need for education, prevention, research, and policy change to protect citizens of this state.”

Republican Rep. Ross Spano, one of the sponsors, had addressed Florida’s House Health and Human Services Committee in January about the dangers of porn, saying there is a link between porn use, mental illness and dangerous sexual behavior.

“Research has found a correlation between pornography use and mental and physical illnesses, difficulty forming and maintaining intimate relationships, unhealthy brain development and cognitive function, and deviant, problematic or dangerous sexual behavior,” said Spano, who announced last year he would run for state Attorney General.

The full resolution cites addiction, greater risk of low self-esteem and eating disorders among the dangers while noting that porn objectifies women and fuels sex trafficking.

Life Site News references the many examples of porn’s damaging effect on mental health, relationships, marriages, brain function, increased sexual violence, and also notes that pornography is known to be contributing to the demand for an increased sex trafficking industry.

Florida is not the first state to consider such a declaration, as Utah and several other states have made similar moves to recognize the harmful effects of pornography on public health.

When sex is no longer sacred, marriages, families, and commitment to one’s community are no longer sacred.

If we are concerned about angry young men unleashing the kind of terror we saw in Parkland on February 14th, we need to address this mental and spiritual poison that is available at the swipe of a thumb to millions of young men across the country.

Men who need to be raised to respect and honor women, to build and create and support those around them, not to virtually satisfy every lust of the flesh. Young men are frustrated, angry, and violent, and our man-hating culture offers them no reason to feel need or purposeful in society. Then they turn around and there’s a whole world in the internet for them to get lost in, and we’re losing them permanently to addiction, destruction of the flesh, and an endless cycle of sin.

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