Florida Parents Shocked to Discover Children Shown “Educational” Video With Same-Sex Petting Without Asking Consent


Under the guise of educating children about “consent”, a Florida school recently showed students a video featuring plentiful images of same-sex couples petting…without bothering to ask the parents for consent.

This is a classic example of the Trojan horse that is the sex education movement, and why we work so hard to make parents aware of what is going on in our children’s schools.

Whether it is safe sex, domestic abuse or rape awareness, or a basic health class, the pro-LGBT and gender ideology agenda is almost always buried in content that already promotes dangerous sexual behavior among young people.

The Christian Post reports:

A school district in Florida has issued an apology to parents whose high school-aged children were shown a sex ed video produced by Planned Parenthood without their consent.

Fox 13 reported earlier this week that the video was presented by Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center, and is aimed at teaching high school students at Sarasota County schools about consent. The video includes talk about sex; a man grabbing a woman’s breast; and multiple same-sex couples making out.

“Asking for consent doesn’t have to be awkward. Asking for consent can be kind of sexy,” the narrator says.

Parents weren’t asked for their consent, according to Sarasota County School Board member Eric Robinson who said complaints were received in a “flood of emails, phone calls and Facebook” messages and posts.

“As an adult it can be hard to watch without being uncomfortable, I can imagine how a teenager would watch. The giggles and the gasps,” said Robinson.

The school district has since said that it has suspended SPARCC from presenting such programs until a review takes place.

It is far too often that parents are only able to voice their objection after their children have been exposed to age-inappropriate or highly-ideological material.

It is very important that parents voice their concerns and be heard, but this needs to happen when parents have a chance to decide what their children are exposed to in school.

In this case, the protocol was broken, but how often are school simply allowed to share this type of content?

In California, gender ideology is not even considered “sexual”, so parents cannot opt-out and are often not even informed when gender confusion is sprinkled throughout the curriculum.

Once again: today’s sex ed programs are a Trojan horse. Make sure your child’s school is fortified!