Florida School District Accused Of Doing NOTHING About Perverted Teacher Who Had Sex With Underage Students

A creative writing teacher at Dr. Michael M. Krop High School in Miami Florida stands accused of having sex with at least eight underage students in a scandal that also sees the school district accused of covering up his sick behavior by simply relocating him to another school as suspicion arose.


According to The New York Post, Jason Edward Meyers – the alleged pervert – is accused of doing and saying all sorts of explicit things to several underage schoolgirls.

Disturbingly, his alleged involvement with the young girls was reportedly so well known that peers of the victims came to refer to them as “Jason’s Girls.”

Not only did Jason allegedly abuse the young teens physically, he also reportedly attempted to control their lives.

He allegedly tried to control what they wore, who they saw, and gave them perverted literature to read – all while urging them to end relationships with boys their own age.

According to The Miami Herald:

“Among the allegations in the lawsuit, filed this week on behalf of one student who said she was victimized: Meyers told one student to study sexually explicit novels like ‘Lolita’ and emphasized passages about an older man seducing a young girl. The suit describes him giving another student provocative clothes to wear to his class, demanding she break up with her boyfriend and telling her to title a poem she had written, ‘Come Inside Me.’”

Especially disturbing is the fact that, despite the nature of the charges against him, Meyers isn’t behind bars awaiting trial.

Rather, he posted $75,000 bail and was released to his home with an ankle monitor.

Watch coverage of Meyers being released from jail:


What’s even worse is that the school board reportedly did nothing to stop Meyers, despite first learning about his behavior all the way back during the 2004-2005 school year, when a school police officer witnessed him getting intimate with a student in the hallway.

The Miami Herald quotes attorney Mark Schweikert, who has filed a suit against the school board, as stating, “as alleged, the School Board knew that Mr. Meyers posed a serious risk of sexual abuse against our community’s children. Yet it did virtually nothing to stop him.”

“Instead, the School Board merely relocated the risk posed by his predatory behavior from one school to another.”

Now, more than ever in this sick world, it’s important that we pray for our children and ask God to protect them from the many perverts and perverted ideologies out there in the world.

Please pray for the victims caught up in this case as well as any other children who might be caught up in similar situations in schools around the country.

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