Florida Senate Moves To Remove Religious and Limit Medical Vaccine Exemptions

Doctor giving injection to boy

Get ready, people. Yet another state is gearing up to rob its citizens of the right to make their own private medical decisions for their families.

According to Stand For Health Freedom (SFHF), the Florida legislature is set to eliminate religious exemptions and limit medical exemptions to mandatory vaccination for school children. 

SB64, a senate bill titled “Exemptions from School-entry Health Requirements,” was filed by State Senator Lauren Book (D) early in August. The bill borrows heavily from the key points of similar legislation out of New York and California which previously ended religious and philosophical exemptions in those states, as well as California’s SB276 which passed last week and gave the state, not an individual’s doctor, the ultimate authority to determine if a medical exemption is necessary and valid.

No matter your stance on the subject of vaccination, each and every American should be concerned about these serious attacks on our most basic right to bodily autonomy.

We have been blessed to live in a nation with a representative government, saints. We must put it to work for us.

SFHF reports:

Most people don’t like politics and may not follow how a bill becomes a law. It’s time for a crash course in civics. These are your rights as individuals, parents, and patients. You deserve to know what they are, the reasons you have them, and the very serious implications that await you when they are taken away. These laws and bills severely impact your ability to make critically important choices for yourself and your children.  

SB64 doesn’t just impact Floridians who worship in a religious building and read a book that says, “Thou shall not….” Religious rights, and the beliefs they protect, are much broader and more comprehensive. Religious beliefs address the cause, nature, and purpose of your existence. You are entitled to your religious tenets and to worship, observe, and express devotion in the manner of your choosing. There is no hierarchy of religions. All religions are equal. The first of all amendments to the Constitution could not be more clear in its intent and importance. It protects the legitimacy and integrity of all citizens to worship in a manner agreeable to the dictates of his own conscience, without interference or scrutiny. The removal of religious exemptions affects every citizen’s right to make decisions for himself and his family. 

These bills violate basic human rights to bodily autonomy, informed consent, religious liberty, and conscientious decision making. 

“The confidence and faith you hold in your doctors to recommend what’s best for your health and the health of your children is the foundational underpinning of medicine,” SFHF continues. 

“At best, SB64 will create an unnecessary and costly State bureaucratic review of your private medical decisions. At worst, SB64 will allow politically-appointed officials (who know nothing about you) to overrule your doctors. The Florida Board of Medicine already has procedures in place to investigate and discipline any doctor accused of inappropriate conduct. It will be you, the taxpayer and the patient, bearing the adverse economic and medical burdens of this unnecessary and unduly restrictive law.”

At the time of this writing, Florida currently requires 72 doses of 16 vaccines as a condition of daycare and public or private school admission. According to SFHF, this is approximately a three-fold increase in the last 25 years and a four-fold increase since the National Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 granted near-total immunity to vaccine manufacturers in the event that one of their products demonstrably harms a person. 

The agenda here is clear.

One-size-fits-all is not a sound approach to medicine or effective public health policy. Whether forced abortion, death panels, or healthcare rationing, we know what happens when a behemoth government is granted too much power over the healthcare system. 

Don’t think these people will simply stop at vaccines. Are you okay with giving up your liberty to make private medical decisions with your care providers?

“The 2020 legislative session in Florida convenes on 1/14/2020, however, bills are filed in advance,” SFHF concludes.

 “It is very important that families who support the protection of religious and medical exemptions get out ahead of Senator Book’s bill. It is time to reach out to your elected officials and like-minded family and friends and get involved now.”

If you are a Floridian, click here to get in touch with your legislators to let them know that you do not support SB64! 

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