Fmr. House Speaker Newt Gingrich Claims Election A “Left-Wing Power Grab Financed by People Like George Soros”


Well goodness, Mr. Speaker, tell us how you really feel!

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich appeared on Fox News over the weekend to give his take on the messy results of the 2020 presidential election, the outcome of which (as declared by the media) is being challenged by the Trump campaign in several key electoral states.

Gingrich was at the center of some controversy earlier this year when some of the networks’ hosts appeared to cut him off when he mentioned the financial endeavors of top progressive mega-donor and philanthropist, George Soros, while Fox News has not gained itself any conservative viewers with its seemingly biased coverage of the election that did not play in President Donald Trump’s favor.

The network called Arizona for Democratic challenger Joe Biden early on Election Night and has insisted on calling the election in Biden’s favor along with every other major news network, despite the ongoing legal battles and recounts which could call such a projection into question. What’s more, host Neil Cavuto poured salt on the wound of hundreds of thousands of disillusioned viewers when he cut away from statements on potential voter fraud being made by Kayleigh McEnany from the White House briefing room earlier this week, claiming he could not “in good countenance” continue to show his viewers the presser.

Well, seemingly undeterred by this double display of censorship, Gingrich used Fox News’ airwaves to both slam the suspicious election and implicate George Soros in one fell swoop during an appearance on Fox & Friends Weekend last Sunday.

“Well, look, it’s a nice sentiment,” Gingrich said of Biden’s admonition for Americans to “unite” now that the media has declared him the winner of the 2020 election.

“First, you go out and the Democrats steal five or six states, and that’s what Republicans believe we’re watching. We think we have evidence of a lot of it,” the former Speaker explained.

“Then you turn around and you say let’s forget four years of Nancy Pelosi, let’s forgot four years of impeachment, harassment, opposition, hostility, hatred, and now that I’ve won, why don’t we get nice together?”

Then he dropped his Soros bomb.

“I think he would have to do a lot to convince Republicans that this is anything except a left-wing power grab financed by people like George Soros, deeply laid in at the local level. And, frankly, I think that it is a corrupt, stolen election. It’s very hard for me to understand how we’re going to work together without some very, very big steps by Biden. And I have doubts if the left-wing of his party would tolerate him genuinely trying to work with Republicans.”

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