Former CBS Abortion Reporter Accused of Bias Announces New Job at Planned Parenthood

Charlotte Cooper, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A CBS reporter who had been criticized by journalists and activists of having a bias in favor of the nation’s largest abortion provider has announced that she has a new job at the company.

Kate Smith, who covered abortion-related stories for the network before leaving last year, announced this week that she has been taken on as Planned Parenthood’s senior director of news content.

Smith has been accused of working as a virtual “ambassador” for Planned Parenthood in her capacity as CBS’ abortion reporter as well as her work of more commonly reading as a “press release” for the abortion mill.

“Thrilled to be joining Planned Parenthood full-time on this exciting new project. Much, much more to come. Stay tuned!” she tweeted, as The Blaze reported.

Journalist Alexandra DeSanctis Marr of the National Review noted that just two years ago, she published a piece on Smith, i.e., ‘Planned Parenthood’s Ambassador to CBS News’ as it was titled.

“Kate Smith is not a reporter at all. She is an advocate for abortion rights who exploits her perch at CBS to disguise as fact the opinions of the country’s most radical abortion-rights activists,” DeSanctis wrote at the time.

“She is Planned Parenthood’s ambassador to CBS, posing as a reporter and constructing articles that more closely resemble press releases for the nation’s most powerful abortion-rights advocacy groups. She has traded her objectivity for access to these organizations, offering them the kid-glove treatment so they will permit her to be the first to publicize their PR campaigns, interview their leaders, and scoop their briefs in court cases.”

“I remember getting notes from several reporters upset with me saying Kate Smith has been nothing but a propagandist for the abortion industry at CBS and now this,” radio host Erick Erickson also noted.

Even pro-choice Twitter users noted the move was emblematic of an unsettling trend in corporate media.

“I’m pro choice, always have been. But this is quite the revolving door pipeline. I can’t imagine why faith and public trust in the the media and journalism industry is rock bottom. This makes me truly queasy,” one noted.

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