Former Clinton Adviser Tells Tucker Carlson She Believes U.S. Has Become A “Totalitarian” State Under COVID


A Democrat who worked on former President Bill Clinton’s second presidential campaign has told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that she believes the U.S. has descended into a “totalitarian,” “police state” under far-reaching COVID restrictions that she says are unconstitutional.

The Blaze notes that Naomi Wolf captured attention back in December when she tweeted that if she’d known now-President Joe Biden’s positions on “historically unprecedented” lockdowns prior to the November 4th election, she wouldn’t have voted for him.

On Monday night, Wolf once again made waves when she told Carlson the nation is turning into a “totalitarian state before everyone’s eyes.”

What she described as a “coup” and “police state” situation is taking place, she assessed, as leaders give themselves “unprecedented” emergency powers under the “guise of a real medical pandemic.”

“That’s not a partisan thing; that transcends everything that you and I might disagree or agree on,” Wolf stated. “That should bring together left and right to protect our Constitution.”

The “state has now crushed businesses, kept us from gathering in free assembly to worship as the First Amendment provides, is invading our bodies … which is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, restricting movement,” she also said, noting the hefty fines in New York state just for gathering with more people than the government has dictated can legally congregate.

Wolf says that based on her own study of history she has seen that “would-be tyrants always take” certain steps “when they want to close down a democracy,” and that she believes we are now in what she calls step 10, which is “suspension of the rule of law — that’s when you start to be a police state, and we’re here. There’s no way around it.”

She also said she has spoken with “many patriots from all backgrounds and all walks of life who are horrified” by what is taking place.

“Autocratic tyrants at the state and now the national level” are “creating a kind of merger of corporate power and government power, which is really characteristic of Italian fascism in the ’20s” as well as “using that to engage in emergency orders that simply strip us of our rights: rights to property, rights to assembly, rights to worship, and all of the rights that our Constitution guarantees.”

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