Former Pfizer Executive and CDC Disagree About Safety of Vaccine for Pregnant, Childbearing-Age Women


Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued updated guidance strongly urging pregnant women to get the COVID-19 vaccination.

“CDC recommends that pregnant people should be vaccinated against COVID-19, based on new evidence about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines,” the agency stated, as NPR reported.

“COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for all people 12 years and older, including people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to get pregnant now or might become pregnant in the future.”

The updated guidelines also noted that, “Recent reports have shown that breastfeeding people who have received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have antibodies in their breastmilk, which could help protect their babies. More data are needed to determine what protection these antibodies may provide to the baby.”

However, Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former vice president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory for Pfizer, says that it is highly unusual to give pregnant women a medication that is still in the experimental stages.

COVID-19 vaccines have received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA in light of the pandemic, and have yet to be fully approved by the federal agency.

“We never, ever give experimental medicines to pregnant women,” Yeadon told Life Site News’ “Stop the Shot” conference last week, as The Christian Post reported.

Yeadon is certainly in his lane when it comes to COVID-19. The Post notes that he holds degrees in “biochemistry, toxicology, and a Ph.D. in respiratory pharmacology” and “launched his own biotech company after working in the pharmaceutical industry for 32 years.”

He has gained some media attention recently for calling the safety of COVID-19 vaccinations into question, and went as far as to say that women who have been told that they are safe for their babies have been “lied to.”

“That’s bad enough because what that tells me is that there’s recklessness. No one cares. The authorities do not care what happens,” the former pharmaceutical executive said.

“You never, ever give inadequately tested medicines, medicinal products, to a pregnant woman,” he explained. “And that is exactly what is happening. Our government is urging pregnant women, and women of childbearing age, to get vaccinated. And they’re telling them they’re safe. And that’s a lie because those studies have simply not been done.”

He pointed to studies in Japan which have shown high concentrations of spike proteins found in the ovaries and organs of rats upon whom they were tested.

“And I will tell you, a general rule of thumb in toxicology is, if you don’t have any data to contradict what you’ve learned, that’s the assumption you make for humans,” he said. “So my assumption at the moment is that is what is happening to every female who’s been given these vaccines. These vaccines are concentrating in her ovaries.”

He concluded by strongly urging women of childbearing age or younger to consider avoiding the vaccine.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine both recommend that pregnant women receive both doses and affirmed this in a joint statement issued recently.

“Data have shown that COVID-19 infection puts pregnant people at increased risk of severe complications and even death,” the statement read.

The ACOG’s president Dr. J. Martin Tucker said his group “encourages its members to enthusiastically recommend vaccination to their patients.”

Meanwhile, Dr. William Grobman of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine echoed this statement as well as that of the CDC.

“COVID-19 vaccination is the best method to reduce maternal and fetal complications of COVID-19 infection among pregnant people,” he said.

According to The Christian Post, around 22% of pregnant women are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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