Former Planned Parenthood Volunteer Educator Declares Org “Sexualizes Children” to Lead Them to Abortion


A former Planned Parenthood volunteer revealed in a recent interview that the organization “sexualizes” children and that its public school programs also indirectly promote abortion among children.

This comes in the wake of an Iowa state Supreme Court ruling which sided with lawmakers seeking to block the abortion giant from participating in grant programs to provide sexual education programs to schoolchildren on the basis that it might result in promoting abortion.

While Planned Parenthood would have been barred from discussing abortion in the classrooms, Monica Cline, a former volunteer educator for the organization, stated in an interview with EWTN that she believes their programs are indeed “about sexualizing children and leading them to abortion.”

“I went ahead and looked into the programs they were implementing in Iowa,” Cline told the Catholic news outlet. “I was looking at the research findings and all of them were shown that they had very little positive results or no effects or even at times adverse effects, due to these types of interventions on the children.”

She explained that she believes that Planned Parenthood, which she said “did not promote abstinence at all,” intends “to teach children about sexuality in order for them to become sexually active.”

“These programs are about sexualizing children and leading them to abortion,” she charged. “That is what sex education is.”

Planned Parenthood has championed the educational model known as Comprehensive Sexuality Education, which Cline explained “is all about grooming children … using it as a marketing tool to lead to abortion.”

The state’s high court had sided with Republican lawmakers who sought to prohibit abortion providers from being granted funds from the state’s Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program.

In the majority opinion, Justice Dana Oxley affirmed that the state legislature had “considerable leeway in selecting who will deliver a government message, whether the message is a diversity and inclusion program, a drug prevention program, or, in this case, a sexual education and teen pregnancy prevention program.”

We’ve been sounding the alarm on Planned Parenthood’s highly radical sexual ideology for a very long time now, so it is hardly surprising to hear this perspective from one of its former educators.

Make no mistake; today’s modern sexual education programs are absolutely packed with hyper-sexualized, graphic content and all but actively encourages children to engage in promiscuity and dangerous sexual lifestyles.

They are an organization that takes money to perform abortions, the largest such entity in the nation to do so. Why would they have any interest in preventing teen pregnancy when teen abortion is so much better for business?

H/T The Christian Post

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