Former SBC President Called Chairman Who Blocked Abortion Ban In Texas “Brave”


If you’re like me, you’ve just about had it with politicians whose talking points are pro-life (when a camera is on them, anyway) but their votes tell a different story. What’s even worse is when pastors and church leaders, of all people, applaud their refusal to finally take an axe to abortion at its roots.

When HB 896, also known as the Abolition Of Abortion In Texas Act, was the subject of a hearing in the state legislature, pro-life advocates nationwide were hopeful that the mountain of emotional, eye-opening testimony would convince committee members to advance the bill on its path to the governor’s desk.

Unfortunately, the bill came against heavy resistance from Chairman Jeff Leach (R-Plano) who, he says, views abortion as “absolutely, unequivocally murder” but refused to support any legislation that would hold mothers responsible for their decision to abort their children.

At the hearing, Leach said:

“[U]nder the bill, a woman who is coerced and trafficked and driven by her pimp to an abortion clinic without a cell phone, with no freedom whatsoever, and is walked into an abortion clinic and said, ‘You will get an abortion,’ [she would be charged].

For a woman who is coerced into having an abortion … The text of the bill is very clear: A woman who ends the life, which is recognized under this bill, is … potentially liable for capital murder.”

As Christian News Network points out, however, under HB 896, “abortion would be illegal, and there would be no abortion facility for the woman to enter. She would have nowhere to go and no abortionist to turn to.”

“The bill also states that the homicide charge would apply to the mother if there was murderous ‘conduct committed by’ the woman,” they added. “In other words, the commission of a self-abortion, where she personally kills her own baby.”

Very shortly after the hearing, which ran well into the early hours of the morning due to the moving testimonies of hundreds of Texans who showed up to support the bill, Leach rejected the bill, ironically, because he is too “pro-life” to support it.

In a brief statement explaining his rejection of the bill that would have finally put an end to the massacre of Texas children, Leach said:

“I have always been on the front lines in the fight for the sanctity of life, both personally — through my active involvement with pregnancy resource centers and pro-life ministries — and as an elected official, where I have authored and supported some of the nation’s strongest laws.

My commitment to advancing the pro-life cause is stronger than ever, and that’s why I cannot in good conscience support House Bill 896 — legislation that subjects women who undergo abortions to criminal liability and even the possibility of the death penalty. Trusted pro-life legislators and advocates agree with me that this bill moves our state and the pro-life cause in the wrong direction and it will not be advanced from the House Committee on Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence.”

While spinelessness in those with the power to end abortion shouldn’t be surprising, one couldn’t help but be taken aback by the applause Leach received from a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Jack Graham!

Graham, who served as SBC president for two years in 2002-04, as honorary chairman of the National Day of Prayer is a member of President Trump’s Religious Advisory Board and president of the Prestonwood megachurch. Graham lauded Leach’s cowardice, calling it bravery in a tweet:

Thankfully, several of Graham’s Twitter followers responded to his shocking defense of Leach and called on him to repent for his complicity in allowing the holocaust of the unborn to continue.

Leach also thanked Graham for the endorsement of his treachery against his unborn constituents, but his Twitter followers were certainly not impressed:

Leach seems to be ignorant of the laws of his own state which, obviously, provide lesser charges for someone who was provably “coerced” to commit an act of murder. However, the debate as to whether or not a mother, coerced or not, would be an accessory or an accomplice to the abortionist, is apparently too nuanced an issue for the likes of Leach to want to bother with.

Rather than sort out any of the bill’s potential issues and pitfalls, Leach and his colleagues would rather let babies keep on dying while they try to find a softer solution.

Leach, Graham, and their ilk may pay lipservice to the pro-life movement, but their actions speak much louder.

Please continue to pray for the unborn children of Texas.

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