Former Trans Beauty Queen Finds Jesus, Now Living As A Man


A quick study of liberalism reveals that much of the worldview this movement has created is illogical, nonsensical, and just plain insane.

Nowhere is this truth more clearly seen than in the transgender movement which seems to completely, totally, and utterly deny the reality in which we all live. Like, for example, the scientifically proven fact that regardless of surgeries and hormone therapies, a person’s biological sex, which is encoded as part of their DNA, cannot be changed.

What’s actually known as gender dysphoria is a mental disorder, a fairly serious one, that often leads to depression, anxiety, confusion, and in some instances, suicide.

Fortunately, not every transgender story ends badly, as is clearly evidenced by the testimony of Mark Estephen, a trans man who became an international beauty queen, but has since found Jesus and returned to life as a man.

Pageant Theology 101 is reporting:

A former Miss International Queen contestant and Supersireyna Pageant alumnus Sabel Gonzales is now back to his real name Mark Estephen. Mark, who never underwent sex reassignment surgery, took to his Facebook account to testify how God changed his life from living as a transgender woman to now living as a man.

Then Sabel Gonzales aka Julia Barreto was “SUPER SIREYNA Queen of Flowers” 2014 on GMA Network’s ‘Eat Bulaga!’. He now lives in Los Angeles and was a part of SLAY Model Management, the first transgender-only modeling agency in the world.

In March 2017, then Sabel was one of the Top 10 semi-finalists at the Miss International Queen pageant in Pattaya, Thailand together with Stacey Biano from Cebu.

Here’s a glimpse at the dramatic transformation that has occurred since Estephen trusted in Christ.

This is an amazing story of the powerful redemption that can be found at the foot of the cross. Our God is truly amazing, possessing the power to radically transform a person’s life and put them on a path toward holiness in His image.

If you ever doubted the power of Christ’s gospel, His resurrection, the work He is doing in Estephen’s life should be more than enough to point you to the truth. God is alive, well, and at work in our world.

It’s easy to see all of the insanity unfolding around the world and to get lost in it, to feel dragged to the depths of a sea of despair, to forget that while we see lots of bad things happening, there’s lots of good things going on too.

This young man came to see that he had a spiritual problem, something that no human being could ever fix. He tried to fill the emptiness, but in the end, it didn’t work, he wasn’t satisfied. Being a woman to match his “feelings” wasn’t cutting it.

Jesus showed up in his life and showed him what he was missing, what he needed. This is how transgenderism is to be handled.

Pray for Estephen as he continues to grow in his faith, that he would be a faithful witness to the transgender community and preach the gospel far and wide.