Formerly Atheist Cancer Doctor Finds “Profound Faith” in the Power of Prayer to Heal

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A formerly atheist cancer doctor who has personally experienced the power of prayer to heal sickness says he now has “profound faith” in the role that spiritual intercession can play with a patient’s recovery.

Dr. Gary Onik recently penned an opinion piece for USA Today in which he discussed how witnessing the impact prayer had on his patients piqued his interest in prayer, which he subsequently applied when he received his own potentially fatal cancer diagnosis.

After witnessing “at least one terminal cancer patient who was healed by a worldwide prayer effort on his behalf,” Onik began to reconsider his naturalistic worldview.

“Rather than dismiss this miracle as inconsistent with my empiric and rationally based training, it made me consider how the new scientific knowledge of quantum physics and human consciousness might support the idea of prayer-facilitated healing,” he wrote.

After spending years researching how prayer can tangibly impact the physical world, when Onik received a concerning cancer diagnosis, he “knew that prayer had to be a major component” of his own protocol along with an immunotherapy regime of his own making.

Determined to avoid invasive and life-altering surgery, he posted a video online asking for prayer and was moved to find that people around the world, from a variety of faith backgrounds, answered the call and began to intercede for him.

“It is now three years since my diagnosis,” he wrote. “Prayer combined with immunotherapy treatment has left me free of metastatic cancer and potentially cured.”

Onik writes that he can’t be sure if he would be cancer-free without prayer, but he doubts it.

“While we in the medical field work on new treatments, and we hope a cure one day, in the meantime, we need to pray,” he noted, in an important reminder that for all the modern advances in medicine, humanity is still unable to stand above to Lord who gives and takes away.

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