Four-Year-Old Child Undergoing “Gender Transition”


It seems the widespread sexual immorality that has infected not only American culture, but cultures around the globe, is leading to all sorts of insanity that just a few decades ago no one would’ve believed possible.

When homosexuals started lobbying hard for the right to marry, Christians and conservatives stated time and again that this was opening the door for the acceptance of more and more perverse kinds of sexual deviancy and immorality. You know, the “slippery slope” theory.

Activists and leftists of all stripes said such a notion was absurd, but then transgender issues, like men being allowed to use the women’s restroom, started surfacing. And then polygamy came up in a few places, and the attempt by certain progressive groups to normalize pedophilia followed that.

And now the left is trying to tell us that allowing a young child to have a “gender transition” is perfectly acceptable. And by young, we’re talking four-years-old.

Yes, a four-year-old child in Australia underwent a “gender transition” revealing just how far from the standard of God’s Word humanity has really wandered.

Here are a few details from The Daily Mail:

A four-year-old child who identifies as transgender has begun to transition before their first day of kindergarten.

The child, who is unidentified for privacy purposes, is part of the Safe Schools program and hopes to complete the gender transition by next year.

But psychologists have questioned whether the preschooler is too young as gender transition among young children skyrockets, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The Education Department would not reveal whether the child was born a boy or girl.

While the four-year-old is the youngest Australian on record changing their gender, hundreds of other children and their parents have sought advice from the gender dysphoria unit.

The Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney has had referral patients at its gender service department triple.

A total of 250 kids, a few being as young as three-years-old, have made appointments to see specialists at the Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital gender dysphoria unit. Compare that to the number of patients they had just a decade ago, which was one, single, solitary patient. Clearly something is going on.

It seems obvious, but the reason for the explosion in patients has everything to do with a culture that has lost it’s mind and has begun accepting that a boy can magically transform into a girl.

There are actually parents who hope and pray for a kid who has gender dysphoria so they can get a transition and become the sex of the child they were hoping to get before the kid was born. It sounds sick, but it happens.

If a child is too young to pick out his own clothes, make his own food, drive a car, or vote, he cannot make a sound decision on something like this, which should be common sense.

What’s worse is that transgender individuals have a much higher rate of depression and suicide than the average person, and that’s the kind of danger these young kids are being placed in by crazed, negligent parents who re desperate to be viewed as “progressive” and “forward thinking.”

Then, of course, there’s the fact transgenderism goes against God’s natural design for humanity. He doesn’t make mistakes. If you were born a boy, you were meant to be a boy. If you were born a girl, you were meant to be a girl. The skin you are in is not an accident, a flub that needs to be corrected.

Children are clearly being used to push an agenda, a vision, that progressives have for society, and it seems liberals care little for the collateral damage they are causing kids.