Four-Year-Old Has “Gender Reveal” At Vancouver “Pride” Parade to Announce Trans Identity


A four-year-old girl whose parents say identifies as a boy had a “gender reveal” with her grandmother at a Vancouver “pride” parade to ostensibly announce her transgender identity.

“Here’s video of the little girl alongside her grandmother doing a ‘gender reveal’ at a pride parade where people celebrate this little girl believing she’s a boy,” a shocked staff writer for the Not the Bee explained.

The moment was captured on video, revealing a delighted child and grandmother, the latter draped in a rainbow “pride” flag, setting off a blue smoke bomb and cheering.

“She is FOUR YEARS OLD!” Not the Bee indignantly stated.

According to The New York Post, which refers to the child using her reported preferred pronouns, four-year-old Charlie Danger Lloyd was “assigned female at birth” but “expressed that he was a boy” starting as young as two.

“Once they closed the road, Charlie strutted out with Grammy and they faced the sidelines and after a short struggle, the cannon exploded with blue smoke and biodegradable confetti,” mother Alaina Bourrel, 27, told South West News Service of the “gender reveal.”

“Charlie jumped with joy as the crowd cheered him on. He couldn’t believe the love and support he was shown from the bystanders.”

According to Bourrel, Charlie had heard the story of how a smoke bomb had failed at the gender reveal they held before she was born, and so “he asked for a re-do with his granny at the Vancouver Pride Parade.”

“So we bought him a smoke cannon and tucked it away for this day,” she said.

Although Bourrel said that the event has led to hateful trolling online, in the child’s immediate circle, they have experienced nothing but support.

“His choices were not questioned and he was congratulated and everyone began using new pronouns,” she said. “We are so lucky to have the circle that we do.”

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