Fox Host Rachel Campos-Duffy and Daughter Valentia Raise Awareness for World Down Syndrome Day

Screenshot: Fox News

Fox News personality and former reality TV star Rachel Campos-Duffy brought her daughter Valentina on air this week to raise awareness for World Down Syndrome Day, which was on March 21.

Speaking with morning show host Ainsley Earhardt during an appearance on Fox & Friends, the mother of 9 explained that while little Valentina “has one chromosome more than my other kids” that “she’s just as human, she’s just as precious.”

Campos-Duffy, whose husband, Sean Duffy, retired from U.S. Congress in 2019 when then-unborn Valentina was diagnosed, explained that those with Down syndrome “are wonderful, they are precious, they are blessings to the family.”

“She’s amazing, and that’s why this day is so important,” the loving mother shared.

In many states and countries, doctors recommend aborting babies who are diagnosed with Down syndrome in the womb.

Campos-Duffy noted that many babies like Valentina are subject to “Nazi-style” exterminations in some countries, like China and Iceland.

Iceland has boasted the near-complete elimination of Down syndrome, entirely through abortion, as has China, where babies with Down syndrome can be aborted up to nine months gestation.

To the pro-life Campos-Duffy, her loving family welcomed their little girl with welcome arms.

“They are human and they are blessings to their families and friends,” Campos-Duffy said of those with Down syndrome.


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