Fox News Host: The Hurricane Harvey Aftermath Has Destroyed Liberals’ Worldview

According to Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, the unity on display in the wake of Hurricane Harvey has thrown liberals for a loop because it pushes back against the notion that America is teeming with bigotry, hatred and racism.


“Traditional leftists are in malfunction mode,” Gutfeld stated. “This is why you’re seeing them now blame Trump for this or for that. They’re trying to find a narrative that matches their grim worldview because Harvey has destroyed their worldview.”

“There’s no more division, there’s no more bigotry, there’s no more racism and conflict,” he continued. “All you’re seeing 24/7 is unity, Americans all the time working together.”

“Another note about what Harvey has done,” Gutfeld added, “one of the positive things – it offers a contrast to things like Twitter.”

“Twitter encourages antagonism because it’s not face-to-face interaction, so I can attack you… because we never actually know each other.”

“You can’t find one example in Harvey coverage of negative human interaction,” he continued. “You can’t find one because it’s face-to-face – it’s human. There’s no antagonism and it shows you the contrast between why people have to talk to each other rather than tweet at each other.”

Hear Gutfield’s full remarks below.

Indeed, story after story streaming out of Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey shows the kindness and compassion of human beings in the face of tragedy.

Yesterday, we reported on footage that shows Good Samaritans forming a human chain to rescue an elderly man whose vehicle was being swept away by floodwaters in Houston.

Prior to that, we reported on the incredible kindness on display in the story of 3-year-old Jordyn Grace, who was found clinging to her mother’s lifeless body in Beaumont, Texas.

Complete strangers subsequently got together and raised more than $160,000 for Jordyn’s future.

What are liberals focussing on amid all this? Here’s an idea.