France Moves Toward Outlawing Homeschooling, Inspecting Private School Curricula


Under the guise of promoting national unity, France is making a startling move toward outlawing homeschooling and tightly restricting and monitoring private schools within the nation.

According to Élysée, an official public relations site for French President Emmanuel Macron, the president announced on Friday his intention to ban homeschooling for all children unless there is a medical need for them to stay at home. Macron also declared that private schools, even those who receive no public funding, would be subject to stringent requirements and curriculum inspection in order to ensure conformity with the nation’s republican values.

Macron explained that the new policy would roll out in the 2021–2022 school year and would affect all children from pre-kindergarten to high school.

In his speech, Macron called the policy “no doubt one of the most radical since the laws of 1882 and those ensuring school co-education between boys and girls in 1969.”

“From the start of the 2021 school year, school instruction will be made compulsory for all from the age of 3,” Macron went on. “Homeschooling will be strictly limited, particularly to health reasons. We are therefore changing our paradigm, and it is vital.”

“The Republic was built around the school, which trains more than individuals; it raises citizens, it shapes free minds,” Macron declared. “That is why I am convinced that the Republic will resist, through schools, those who want to fight or divide it, and it is through schools that we will allow all our children to access knowledge, culture, and republican civic-mindedness, and thus to fully become men and women citizens.”

Macron explained that school policy represents the “third pillar” of his anti-separatist strategy:

It is oh, so essential, and you can see that as I move forward, I am entering, if I may say so, into the intimacy of our republican life. School is the republican melting pot. It’s what makes it possible for us to protect our children in a complete way from any religious sign, from religion. It is truly the heart of the space of secularism, and it is this place where we form consciences so that children become free, rational citizens, able to choose their own lives. The school is therefore our collective treasure. It is what allows us in our society to build this common thing that is the Republic.

According to LifeSite News, Macron’s La République en Marche party rules with a comfortable majority at the National Assembly and is expected draft and pass the law without issue.

Macron’s announcement came within a speech denouncing “separatism,” specifically addressing crimes in the nation perpetrated by “radical Islamists” who want to replace the laws of the French republic with sharia law. The speech occurred at a public event in Les Mureaux, one of the Paris’ many suburbs in which Muslim immigrants are the majority population.

LifeSite continues:

Les Mureaux was the theater of ethnic riots in 2005 and has since been considered a hotspot for radical Islam, with the shooting of a police commander and his girlfriend in 2016 in an attack claimed by the Islamic State. Many of these migrants are Muslim: Muslims represent anything from 4 to 8 or 9 million souls in France, according to different sources. Repeatedly, terrorist attacks in France have been committed in the name of Allah by such migrants, legal or not.

Although the problem is clearly the conquistador ideology of radical Islam, Macron simply wishes to punish every French citizen who would wish to take control of their child’s education.

Ironically, explains Lionel Devic, president of the “Fondation pour l’Ecole,” an association that supports the creation and functioning of independent schools in France, “not a single perpetrator of terrorist attacks in France came from independent schools.”

“Emmanuel Macron lucidly acknowledged that Islamist separatism can be traced back to public schools and private schools under contract with the state,” Devic added.

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