Franklin Graham Fires Back At 2020 Dem Pete Buttigieg For Identifying As A “Gay Christian”


There is truly no end to the depths we will reach when we abandon the truth of God’s word in every aspect of life to which it speaks. While some topics may have murky input from Scripture if any at all, some things in life are unequivocally commanded or forbidden by God, and their resultant blessings or curses are equally clear.

As stalwart saints have long contended, homosexuality is a topic on which God’s stance is unmistakable. Anyone who vests in Scripture the power and authority it deserves—also known as having a “high view” of the infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture as God’s word—must therefore consider homosexuality to be a grievous sin against God and his biological design for his creation.

Yet, as that convicting and culturally unpalatable truth is ignored or contradicted Sunday after Sunday in pulpits worldwide, it is becoming increasingly unacceptable even in the Christian community to contend that homosexuality is sinful.

Mainstream Christianity has been infected with the cancer of theological liberalism (which results in social liberalism) for far too long, and now that corruption is beginning to manifest in the political arena.

In April, self-described “gay Christian” Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg claimed that his same-sex “marriage” has deepened his faith and lobbed the following remark at Vice President Mike Pence: “If you’ve got a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me. Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator.”

This isn’t the first time Buttigieg has played the religion card to push his progressive agenda. In a previous interview, he argued that conservative values are used to “harm other people” and, in a recent CNN townhall, declared that “God doesn’t have a political party.”

That’s where folks like Franklin Graham drew the line. Mincing no words, the globally-acclaimed evangelist and humanitarian proceeded to set Buttigieg straight on exactly where God stands when it comes to this issue:

Amen! God and his word—unlike societal norms—are forever unchanging and steadfast. Graham’s thread continues:

This isn’t hate speech, though it may surely be condemned as such. This is more simple truth than most people get in a Sunday sermon! And, like any good preacher, he closes with the gospel itself:

Although Buttigieg has set himself apart from his fellow Democratic presidential hopefuls in identifying as a Christian, it seems he uses his flavor of Christianity as a weapon against conservative Christians more than anything.

Christians, we must not to be tricked by wolves in sheep’s clothing in the coming election. Simply calling yourself a chihuahua does not make you one any more than calling yourself a Christian makes you an obedient child of the King. Pete Buttigieg will have to answer for this one day.

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