Freedom March Headed for Los Angeles and Orlando to Share the Love of Christ


Earlier this year, Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, had the great pleasure of taking part in the Freedom March in Washington DC, an event organized by those who have been called out of lives of homosexuality and transgenderism and into the light of Christ.

The testimonies shared that day are some of the most powerful, moving, and heartfelt you can hear in our age of hyper-sexuality, and we are so excited to see the powerful message our brothers and sisters in Christ are sharing hit the road.

A second Freedom March will be taking place in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 4th at  Pershing Square. Please attend if you are able! There is also a march currently being planned in Orlando for 2019.

Join us for Freedom March LA!

Join us in celebrating freedom from LGBTQ lifestyles! Nov 4, we are bringing the good news of FREEDOM to Los Angeles, California. March, worship, and testify with us! Learn more at our website..

Posted by Freedom March on Saturday, October 13, 2018

Access Wire explains the driving force behind this amazing movement:

Jeffrey McCall, the founder of the Freedom March who once lived as a transgender woman named Scarlett, has let go of that identity and is now leading this movement. He says, “I was transformed through the grace of Jesus and found that others have been as well. These marches are a way to ensure that others who have overcome are not feeling isolated and alone. There is an entire community of people that have made this transformation, and we are here to support them.”

McCall stresses these marches aren’t about hate for people who live LGBTQ lifestyles. It’s simply about bringing awareness to the world about individuals who have made this transformation and building a community for them. To let individuals who left LGBTQ lifestyles to have a platform to share their stories. This is also echoed by Pulse Nightclub survivor Luis Javier Ruiz, who has had his own transformation and is a major developer of holding a Freedom March in Orlando next year.

“I’ve always said it’s not about gay to straight. It’s about lost to saved,” says Ruiz. “Through the Freedom Marches we want to spread messages of love and acceptance for people who have shed their LGBTQ identity and show others that we do exist. These marches are our platform to educate, encourage others and share in a community. We’ve had a great response from people, other community groups and churches.”

Praise God!

Those who have found freedom in Christ after living a lifestyle the world is desperately trying to normalize and promote do not need to hide in the shadows. We need to support them and make sure their voices are heard and lifted up.

We all know what it’s like to find freedom in Christ from our sin, but it takes particularly bravery for people who are told by the world they can’t change. Recovering alcoholics, former adulterers, even murderers don’t experience any of the pushback when they share their testimonies that these folks do.

Please keep our brothers and sisters in prayer and do what you can to promote this amazing event!!!