French Atheists Harass “Fascist” Children’s Nativity Play


Everyone is certainly entitled to their own beliefs and convictions but when your beliefs and convictions lead you to harass small children, it may be time to take a good long hard look in the mirror.

That’s exactly what a group of about 50 far-left activists has done in Toulouse, France. The group overtook a nativity play featuring children by yelling “fascists” at them among other insults.

Breitbart reports:

The mob of leftist extremists interrupted the nativity play at around 4 pm at the Place Saint-Georges and yelled, “stop the fascists!” along with “we are the anticapitalists!” and a torrent of insults towards the young children and the organisers, La Depeche reports.

As the young children became frightened, the nativity play was shut down a full two hours ahead of schedule and only an hour after it had begun.

“It was worse in the early days of Christians,” one witness to the protest said. They added: “All those who cry do not know that Jesus was not bourgeois, but poor, destitute. I feel sorry for them.”

Archbishop of Toulouse Robert Le Gall slammed the leftists in a press release stating: “I deplore that the simple reminder of the birth of Jesus and the values ​​it conveys (welcoming the stranger, announcing peace, and a sign of tenderness that we all need) is no longer respected in our country and even arouses acts of verbal and physical violence by those who set themselves up as defenders of freedom.”

Mayor of Toulouse Jean-Luc Moudenc also condemned the leftist demonstrators, labelling their behaviour as “irresponsible”.

Ironic to yell “fascists” at a bunch of children while trying to force them to stop expressing their religious freedom. The adults who partook in the harassing of these children had the right and the option to simply ignore the nativity play. They could have just gone on with their lives; nobody was forcing them to watch the play. Instead, they chose to aggressively target a group of children to the point of scaring them, just so they would stop putting on the nativity play.

Those on the left who vehemently oppose any display of Christianity seem to be  truly miserable people and you know what they say: “misery loves company.” They cannot possibly enjoy the happiness, joy, and contentment Christians are able to without having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ which is why they so zealously fight against Christianity. Their souls recognize the truth but their minds refuse to accept it.

Breitbart points out that there was another incident in France in which leftists bullied Christians into forfeiting their right to religious expression. “The populist mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard has been ordered by courts to remove nativity scenes placed in the city hall in the past,” Breitbart reports.

This is happening right here in America too. A group of leftist atheists demanded an elementary school take a live nativity scene enacted by third-grade students out of their Christmas show lineup.

It’s one thing for adults to have disagreements with other adults. But to target and harass children is completely deplorable. In spite of the religious freedom Western nations are meant to protect for their citizens, the left is attempting to force Christians into the shadows.

Pray for the eternal souls of those who fight so intently against Christianity. 

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