French President Calls to Add the “Fundamental Right” to Abortion to EU Charter, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

French President Emmanuel Macron is calling for the “fundamental right” to abortion to be added to the European Parliament’s Charter of Fundamental Rights after a pro-life MP was elected as the international governing body’s president.

“We must update this charter to be more explicit on protection of the environment, the recognition of the right to abortion,” Macron told lawmakers at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, as reported by NDTV.

“Let us open up this debate freely with our fellow citizens… to breathe new life into the pillar of law that forges this Europe of strong values,” he said.

This came just one day after Roberta Metsola of Malta was elected as the European Parliament president.

Metsola, as we previously reported, has a history of voting down EU reports that characterize abortion as a right.

Malta is one of the only countries in Europe that has a complete ban on abortion, and as an MP, Metsola made clear she would represent the views of her country.

However, upon her election, she signaled that her views would be that of the EU when it came to the “right” to abortion, so it is unclear what stance she will take as the parliament’s leader.

Macron, for his part, did also offer her conciliatory congratulations. Metsola is the first woman to be elected as the parliament’s president in 20 years, and the youngest-ever member to be elected.

Metsola, the French president said, believes in “our Europe, this Europe sustained by the values that bind and unite us.”

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