Report: Six French Soldiers Injured Following ANOTHER Vehicular Terror Attack

One man is in custody and six soldiers have been injured after a deliberate hit and run incident in a Paris suburb on Wednesday.


According to The New Daily, the soldiers – two of which have been injured seriously – are members of France’s Operation Sentinelle.

Operation Sentinelle, launched after an Islamic terror attack in 2015, sees thousands of soldiers patrolling streets in France as part of an effort to deter future attacks and keep civilians safe.

Reuters reports that counter-terrorism officials in France have opened a probe into Wednesday’s incident, which is being treated as a probable act of terrorism.

Al Jazeera, describing what happened, states that the attack involved was a BMW car.

“[The car] was driving slowly and then, about five meters from the soldiers, the car accelerated and hit the soldiers,” Al Jazeera quotes French interior minister Gerrard Collomb as stating.

“It is now the sixth time that military forces from Operation Sentinelle are the target [of attacks] since 1 January, 2015.”

Al Jazeera further reports that the man arrested in connection with the attack was shot multiple times while in the BMW – which he had driven to another location – as officials believed he was reaching for a weapon.

That turned out to not be the case.

Nonetheless, Al Jazeera quotes the mayor of the town the incident occurred in as stating that he has no doubt the “disgusting” act was planned.

See the report below for more details on this morning’s incident.

Wednesday’s incident is but the latest in a string of high-profile violent acts committed against innocents in France.

Many of the attacks have been carried out by Islamists.

Just days ago, a teenager wielding a knife shouted “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is great in Arabic) and attempted to attack soldiers outside the Eiffel Tower.

In February, a man with a machete – also *coincidentally* shouting “Allahu Akbar” – attacked soldiers outside the Louvre Museum in Paris.

In April, a French police officer was shot and killed in a shooting near Paris’ famous Champs Élysées. ISIS subsequently claimed responsibility for the incident.

Still, despite all the Islamic terror raining down on France, liberals love to pretend that Islam is nothing but the religion of peace.

To that, The Activist Mommy says religion of peace my baconbit!”

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