There’s A Gay Agenda Being Pushed In The Doctor’s Office Without Parents’ Knowledge

Here’s a new issue to keep on your radar, courtesy of LifeSiteNews, which points out that it’s “becoming standard medical practice to approach homosexuality and bisexuality as normal.”


The outlet passes along the tale of a teenage boy that was probed by the family physician with questions such as “so, are you attracted to girls, to boys, or both?”

LifeSiteNews points out that this is not an isolated incident, as “it’s common for adolescent patients to be counselled separately from parents during an office visit so a private conversation can occur about sexual practices, contraception, condoms and other ‘needs.’”

This opens up an incredibly slippery slope, as physicians can feel empowered to normalize certain behaviors.

As LifeSiteNews puts it, “leftists are willing, even eager, to smash boundaries, including age of consent laws. They believe they are entitled to advise your children on intimate and life-changing matters without your input.”

This behavior, of course, also exists in schools.

Not long ago, The Activist Mommy reported on a case involving a mother whose 15-year-old son was given gender realignment services without her knowledge.

The state of Missouri even ruled against the mother, stating that those who facilitated the services – including staff at a high school – were in the right.

Earlier this month, The Activist Mommy heard from a public school teacher in Florida sharing how the school they work at shamelessly told staff they ought to inform parents of just all degenerate behavior – including doing drugs and having sex – except for homosexuality or transgenderism.

The teacher even stated that the school told staff to wilfully withhold information about a child’s transgenderism or homosexuality even if their parent specifically asks about it.

As parents, we need to be incredibly involved with what’s going on in our children’s lives. While that may seem like a no-brainer that doesn’t even need to be uttered, the unfortunate reality is that some people don’t agree.

Every generation has their own challenges in the child rearing department, but today’s day and age is particularly fraught with landmines. The explosive growth of social media and declining moral standards are the two big ones that jump to mind, not to mention the fact that there’s scores of parents out there that may not be as hands on as you are.

If your little bundle of joy happens to be friends with one of these kids? Forget about it. You’ll have all sorts of circumstances in which you’ll have to assure them that your family’s way is the right way, and they’ll have to trust you on that. In a perfect world, they’ll realize how right you were as they advance in age.

Beyond those challenges, there’s also the concerns of the messages that are being presented to our children.

While we’ve come to expect it from the media and entertainment industry, we have to watch out for in other avenues as well – including, sadly, the doctor’s office and classroom.