Lesbian Couple Gives Birth To Children, Thanks To Their Gay Donor Friends

Our world continues to change at a rapid pace – and not necessarily for the better.


Many changes can leave you itching to speak up for what’s right as tradition goes by the wayside in a whole host of ways, not the least of which concerns the concepts of marriage and family.

Here’s a situation that places the changes afoot for both concepts in perspective.

As Yahoo shares, “Mariely Martinez, 34, and her wife, Carla Melendez, 32, gave birth to children one month apart, thanks to their friends Juny Roman, 33, and Alex Torres, 30, who are also married.”

The ladies were originally researching donors online, but then they had an epiphany.

“We wanted to have the dads to be part of the babies’ lives,” Melendez told ABC News, according to Yahoo. “We knew at that at some point the babies were going to ask us, ‘Who’s my dad? What does he look like?’ With a sperm bank, you don’t have that.”

Problem solved in their eyes, as they convinced their pals that it would be the most fabulous idea ever.

“We want to tell the world it’s OK. If you want to have a family, you can have it,” Roman said, later adding that “We are a new, modern family,” Yahoo shares.

Dr. Pedro Cruz-Torres was the obstetrician that delivered both of the babies, and he notes that  “It was very unique to have all the parties involved,” Yahoo reports.

Unique is one way to describe this story, but there are other adjectives popping to mind that we’ll resist the urge to share. Welcome to the modern world, folks. Hold onto your traditions and values as tightly as you can, as you may be the unique one before too long.