Gay Couple Makes Their Own Same-Sex Ken Doll Wedding Set, Mattel Asks for Their Help to Make Their Own


This was bound to happen sooner or later.

When a same-sex couple in New Mexico wanted to prepare their niece to be flower girl in their upcoming wedding, they set about making their own Barbie gay wedding set and shared the results on Instagram.

As you can imagine, it got quite a bit of attention, including from Mattel, who ended up reaching out to the couple and asking them to fly to LA to help them make an official Ken-marries-Ken Barbie set (no Barbie included, of course).

Matt Jacobi and Nick Caprio told ABC 15 that they made the set the presented to their niece by taking Barbie out of a wedding set, and adding another male doll in her place.

“We thought it would be special to give her something with a little meaning behind it,” Jacobi explained in the Instagram post, which tagged Mattel. “What a bummer you don’t make one with two grooms.”

Mattel, apparently, agreed.

“Mattel has been wonderful and we are meeting with the head of Barbie design, their design team and marketing – either next Friday or the first week of January,” Jacobi told producers at Good Morning America. “Just sorting out travel details and schedules.”

The couple, of course, fully admits the point is to normalize the idea of gay marriage for children, as I’m sure any reader of this blog will already know is a campaign the left has been waging for years now.

“It’s going to come up in your family no matter what,” Caprio says. “As more same-sex couples are having kids, your kids are going to have kids in a class that have gay parents.” Jacobi added that “love is love and it’s that simple.”

The “love is love” logic doesn’t go very far before you tread into dangerous territory, but let’s keep it simple. Divorce is common among adults today, and children see it all the time. Do we glorify that in Barbie sets? Does “Single Mom Barbie” sound fun, or depressing?

Adultery is also common, but there’s no “Side Chick Barbie” is there? I sure hope not.

Look, the market responds to what customers want and in this day and age, it’s likely that plenty of people will pay money to normalize homosexuality for our children.

The problem obviously doesn’t start with gay Ken dolls, this is just a symptom of many, many years of a complete and total rejection of the natural family. Little girls have been encouraged for years to envision their lives without husbands or children in it, despite being biologically programmed to want to get married and have kids. Go figure Barbie would eventually get kicked out of her own playset and replaced with a gay man.

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