Gay Men Engage In Public Sex on Heels of Australian Vote for Same Sex Marriage


Whoever said that allowing the gay agenda to take center stage wouldn’t bring about a moral decay in our culture should be eating their words right about now.

We’ve been called crazy and alarmist for decades, but there is a distinct and undeniable correlation between the forced mainstream acceptance of homosexuality and a growing lack of complete indecency and utter depravity.

A gay couple at an Austrailian train station recently put on very vivid display exactly what Australians were endorsing when they voted “yes” on gay marriage this month.

The men apparently both stripped naked and proceeded to engage in a sex act in front of commuters and children before being arrested.

The Daily Mail, which reported on the incident, was able to obtain a short video clip of the incident captured by a commuter, which shows two clearly nude men embracing before breaking apart to put their clothes back on.

The Daily Mail spoke to witnesses, who were obviously disgusted by the event.

Samantha Lenkic said she witnessed the pair along with dozens of people on the platforms, including an elderly woman who yelled at them.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it, I was stunned… it was quite gross and not clearly something I want to see,’ she said.

‘Others were shocked, some people were laughing watching it all unfold.’

The men, aged 22 and 25, were arrested and charged with wilful indecent exposure, as well as theft, as they had reportedly stolen a marijuana plant as well.

What else could be the logical conclusion of the “pride” mentality? Traditional values not only uphold the morality of heterosexual relationships, but that sex is a private and intimate act that takes place between a lawfully married couple.

Progressive values, on the other hand, deliberately celebrate everything that goes against these traditional, conservative values. They celebrate shock value, indecency, and sexual “freedom.”

This is exactly what we are fighting against. It is not an innocent agenda, it is one that promotes the institutionalized decay of the morality that holds civilization together. Next time you’re tempted to give up the fight and go PC, remember what happens when you allow this garbage to permeate our culture!