Gender Insanity! Virginians Elect First Transgender Woman (i.e. Man) to Congress


The left is celebrating uproariously today after over a year of losing.

In Virgina, in something they describe as “poetic justice”, the man who sponsored the original “bathroom bill” that would bar transgender people from using anything other than the bathroom of their biological gender in public facilities was beaten out by the first openly transgender person to be elected to the House of Delegates.

“Danica” Roem, who plays in a death metal band and believes he is a woman, has become an emblem for the left’s battle against Trump-era Republicans, and so they are counting his election as a major blow to their ideological enemies.

They took to Twitter to voice their excitement:

One wonders if Danica Roem even had a coherent political platform that resonated with Democrats, of if the fact that the pretends to be a woman was all the needed. In today’s world of identity politics, the latter is more likely.

The implications of this are honestly chilling. Transgender people suffer from severe mental illness and are deserving of compassion. It is completely patronizing and even cruel to tote them as political props that will somehow undo the results of the 2016 election.

Validating mental illness rather than treating it is not justice, it is simply sick.

Unfortunately, this will probably become our new normal. As transgender people are elected to state legislature, allowed to indoctrinate our children, and begin “treatment” as young as 4-years-old, society is heading down a path it simply might not be able to reverse.

The left will do anything to upend basic Judeo-Christian values and to force everyone to go along with their twisted alternative to morality.

This truly is a sad day for America.